GRE Reading Comprehension- Four Strategies to Simplify

GRE Reading Comprehension

Half of the verbal questions in GRE verbal section are from passages. You read a given passage and answer questions that follow. We are all familiar with RC passages since school. Here is a quick refresher on RC passages and questions that appear in the GRE.

Break Down the Question

What exactly is the examiner asking you to answer? Sometimes, the question is not very obvious. There might be a negation element hidden in the question (and in the answer option) and you’d read past that unsuspecting that the negation element reverses the meaning of the entire phrase. So, read the question and tell yourself in your own words what the question is looking for.

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Have a Rough idea of what the answer might be

This helps you a lot. You have read the passage. And the question tests you on what’s already mentioned in the passage. So, once you have read the question before you look into the options, try to come up with your own answer. You can go back to the passage to look up the part the question refers to. Scan the given options. If there’s a match between one of the options and what you have in mind, you have your answer. This works especially for main theme questions.

Eliminate 4 options
When in a fix, start with reading each option and making sure which of the options cannot be the answer. Once you eliminate the options, for valid reasons, traverse through what is left behind. And choose the right option. Ideally, eliminate and validate the elimination for each of the 4 options before clicking on the right option and progressing to the next question. Read with your eyes peeled since you might miss a single word here or there and miss the meaning of the entire answer. A cleverly hidden word like not, but or however can change the meaning of the entire sentence.

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Keep it simple
If you are thoroughly confused with all of the options, do something maverick. This is the case where each option looks the same or none of the options look remotely to be answer. In such scenarios, scan the options quickly and pick the option you understand. Go for the simply worded option. Most probably, this is your answer since GRE false options are twisted to make it look confusing to the reader. Chuck the wordy and tortuous options and go for the shorter, simpler worded option.

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