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The GIC Assistant Manager recruitment 2022 will begin shortly. Many aspirants are concerned about their test preparation because the GIC Assistant Manager Syllabus is extensive, therefore it is best to begin one’s preparation early. GIC Assistant Manager books are the most crucial to begin the preparation. Before practising online, applicants must first learn the concepts and basics of all subjects from the finest books on the market for GIC Assistant Manager 2022 test preparation.

To make it easy for the aspirants and for effective as well as complete preparation, this article includes a list of relevant books for the GIC Assistant Manager for each subject so that the aspirants can quickly comprehend the important topics of all subjects.  Aspirants should carefully design a preparation strategy for the exam to excel in the exam. 

Check the GIC Assistant Manager 2022 Syllabus for a better understanding of the relevant books for each section.

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GIC Assistant Manager 2022: Books for Written Exam

When a candidate begins his test preparation, he must be aware of the exam pattern. Aspirants can then choose books based on their requirements. The GIC Assistant Manager written exam is for 150 marks and includes questions on 

  • English or Hindi language
  • General Awareness
  • Reasoning 
  • Numerical Ability
  • Computer Literacy

The information on the online test pattern and the section-by-section key books from which one may study the corresponding topics are provided in the tables below. 

GIC Assistant Manager 2022 Books
S. No. Name of the Book Author Publications Comment
English Language Section:

For English Section, it is important to have a strong vocabulary. Learn at least 10 new words every day and revise them on a regular basis. For grammar, go through the basic grammatical rules from the following books first, and then practice as many questions as you can. Reading and comprehension skills are very important in the English section. It may be enhanced by reading a newspaper, books, and online articles on a regular basis. Go through General English for Competetive Exam, to prepare for this section.

1. Objective General English S.P Bakshi Arihant Publications It includes essential topics such as the Foundation Module, Verbal Ability, and Practical Grammar.
2. Tips & Techniques in English for Competitive Exams       — Disha It includes practice tests and strategies for answering them, which is quite valuable to applicants. It includes and last-minute advice for candidates.
3. Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis Goyal Publishers It assists applicants in gaining a general command of the English language. It aids in the improvement of one’s vocabulary.
4. Wren & Martin’s English Grammar & Composition (High School Level) S. Chand S Chand Publishing; Regular edition Assists in communicating comfortably. Provides instruction in sentence construction, proper usage, comprehension, writing, and other English topics. Also, each chapter has a lot of questions to practice at the end.
Hindi Language Section:

 For this section, candidates can read Hindi Newspaper and focus more on practising grammar part of the section.

1. Hindi Bhasha All Exams Questions Paper Leak Complete Book 2022 —- Examcart This book will give you an insight into the question paper.

It has sample papers that would be helpful to do self-assessment. This book’s examples are interactive.

2. Samanya Hindi Book Lalit Vats and Reshma Sultan Examcart This book contains questions from over 5800 tests. It is great for practising Hindi.
3. Vastunisth Samanya Hindi For Competitive Examinations Vijay Bihari BSC This book is intended for competitive examinations. It also includes the most anticipated and prior year questions.
4. Vastunisth Samanya Hindi For Competitive Examinations R.S. Aggarwal S. Chand The reader is explained in the form of elaborative flow charts throughout the book. The examples in this book are interactive.
General Awareness Section:

Reading a newspaper on a daily basis can increase not only your general awareness but also your knowledge of the English section. If you’ve studied current events over the previous six months, the general awareness section will be easy for you. Go through the Current Affairs, to be updated with the recent happenings of the world and excel in this section.

1. 14000 + Objective Questions – General Studies Manohar Pandey Arihant This book has over 14, 000 MCQs that will help you prepare. This book will provide you with the most likely test questions.
2. General Knowledge for Competitive Exams —- Disha Candidates can use this book to learn the most crucial facts for the test.
3. General Knowledge 2022 Manohar Pandey Arihant It contains information on all national and international events. The events of the year are summarised in this book.
4. Lucent’s General Knowledge Vinay Karna Lucent’s This book covers all current events in a very concise and brief manner.

It will make memorising facts and years simpler.

Reasoning Section:

The Reasoning part of the test is likely to be moderate to challenging. The only way to pass the reasoning section is to practise. These books will help you understand the fundamental principles of each area.  Analytical and imaginative abilities are necessary to solve reasoning issues, which can only be acquired through practice. Go through Logical Reasoning for Competetive Exams, to prepare for this section.

1. A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal S Chand Publishing It contains solved instances with detailed explanations. The questions are based on the most recent exam format.
2. A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal B.S. Sijwali and Indu Sijwali Arihant The book includes interactive examples that are really useful. This book is appropriate for both verbal and nonverbal Reasoning questions.
3. How to Crack Test Of Reasoning Jaikishan and Premkishan Arihant The questions follow the most recent test style and syllabus. This book is designed primarily for competitive exams.
4. How to Crack Test Of Reasoning Jaikishan and Premkishan Arihant The book contains a good collection of questions. It is a good source to practice a lot of questions for competitive exams.
Numerical Ability/ Quantitative Aptitude:

Learn tables, squares, cubes, square and cube roots, percentage values, and so on to improve your computation speed. Examine the concepts of all the topics thoroughly. Previous year’s questions are essential for understanding the level of the test. Go through QA for the Competetive Exam, to prepare for this section.

1. Numerical Ability And Quantitative Aptitude P.K. Mittal Galgotia It includes a number of solved examples for the reader’s convenience.
2. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations R.S. Aggarwal S. Chand The book will assist you in analysing the exam’s anticipated questions.
3. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic Rajesh Verma Arihant This book is useful for clarifying arithmetic concepts and doubts. It also offers strategies for increasing calculating speed.
4. Magical Book On Quicker Maths M. Tyra BSC Publications This book focuses on increasing the speed with which you solve mathematical problems. It has some excellent problem-solving strategies and tricks.
Computer Literacy Section:

The purpose of this section is to test the basic skills of computers for the everyday function of the day. Any basic computer book is sufficient to cover this section.

1. Computer Awareness —- Arihant The book includes an annual overview of all technological developments. This is an excellent study resource for competitive examinations.
2. Practical Computer Literacy Dan Oja and June Jamrich Parsons Pearsons This book discusses the ideas using real-world examples. A practice exam follows the conclusion of each chapter.
3. Objective Question Bank of Computer Awareness for General Competitions —- Arihant It is designed to assist individuals in passing competitive exams. This book has multiple-choice questions about computer literacy.
4. Computer Literacy BASICS Connie Morrison and Dolores Wells Cengage Learning This book will assist you in understanding the fundamentals of computers.

Candidates can download the GIC Assistant Manager 2022 Admit Card, from the linked article.

Aspirants should keep in mind that these are just a handful of the many books accessible on the market. Candidates are free to read whichever books they choose and prepare for the test in any way they like.

Hopefully, this post regarding GIC Office Attendant 2022 Books was useful and informative to all aspirants. Before applying all aspirants should check the GIC Assistant Manager 2022 Eligibility and Syllabus. 

GIC Assistant Manager 2022 Exam Books-Download PDF Here

Frequently Asked Questions about GIC Assistant Manager 2022 Books


Which is the best book for the GIC Assistant Manager Exam 2022 Reasoning Ability section?

A new approach to Reasoning, Verbal and non-verbal by Arihant or Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning by RS Agrawal are two books that will help you improve your reasoning skills.

What is the total number of marks for the GIC Assistant Manager online written exam?

The GIC Assistant Manager online written test is for 150 marks.

What are the subjects to be covered in the GIC Assistant Manager exam?

There are five sections for the exam: English or Hindi language, General Awareness, Reasoning, Numerical Ability and Computer Literacy.


Which books are the best for the GIC Assistant Manager General Awareness exam?

The top books for the GIC Assistant Manager General Awareness section are Lucent’s General Knowledge and Arihant General Knowledge 2022.

Would solving previous years’ papers help in preparation of the GIC Assistant Manager Exam?

Yes, solving previous years’ questions will help the candidate to understand the pattern of the exam and the type of questions to be practiced.

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