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Agriculture is the art and ability to cultivate plants and other livestock. There are different types of agriculture, and it plays a crucial role in the life of an economy. The main purpose of agriculture is not only to cultivate crops, but also provide employment for a large proportion of the population, and it is the backbone of our economic system.

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As we all are aware, there are multiple steps to be followed in the agricultural process.

The first and the initial stage is the selection of the seeds. Seeds are the fundamental requirement in the most agricultural processes. Before beginning with the cultivation, selecting the best quality seeds is a challenging task for farmers. Because only the good quality of seeds give an expected result or yield. Therefore, farmers have to choose suitable seeds from the variety of options available in the market.

Let us know more in detail about the selection and sowing of seeds.

Selection and sowing of seeds are two agricultural practices which demand extreme attention and care.

Selection of seeds

Healthy and good quality seeds are the roots of a healthy crop. The seeds that are used to cultivate new crops have to be selected very carefully and of high quality. The good quality seeds can either be bought from different sources or farmers can produce by their own. The selection of seeds is used to improve the quality of yields. There are several diseases that are transmitted via the seeds. If the selected seeds are from the infected fields then the seed-borne diseases will cause severe problems in the agricultural process. Thus, always obtain seeds from healthy plants. Along with the disease free and healthy seeds, farmers also need to check the germination period of the seeds, nutrients required and other benefits in terms of yield and finance. Overall, selecting good quality seeds are essential for growing strong and healthy crops.


Agriculture _ Sowing seeds

Sowing seeds

Sowing of seeds

Sowing seeds is an essential part of crop production. After the preparation of soil, the previously selected seeds are scattered in the field. This process is called sowing. Sowing should be done carefully and evenly. If seeds are not sown uniformly, overcrowding of crops happens. For sufficient sunlight, water and other requirements congestion needs to be prevented.  There are two different methods of sowing the seeds.  Traditionally, sowing is done manually by hand and in some places, seed drilling machines are used.

Traditional method of Sowing by hands

This is the most common and generally practised method by all the farmers. This is a very simple process, in which seeds are scattered by hand.  This process is called broadcasting, which is the most economical method. Here, seeds are sown either by hand or by using tools. Sowing seeds by hand is called broadcasting. This is common, but a uniform distribution is not maintained.

Sowing by seed drilling machines

This is a modern method used in some parts of the world for sowing seeds. In this method, iron drills or the funnels filled with seeds are connected to a tractor. As the plough moves, seeds are distributed into the furrow made by the plough and are covered. This method is more advantageous than the traditional method.  In this method, seeds are distributed evenly at regular distances and depths. This is profitable in terms of both labour and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Agriculture – Selection and Sowing of Seeds


What is seed selection?

Seed selection is the process of selecting healthy, viable and disease free seeds for growing crops to produce higher yields.


What is the importance of seed selection?

Selecting disease-free seeds is important for preventing seed borne diseases. Healthy and viable seeds produce healthy plants. The seeds from the appropriate breed are selected for growing high yielding, disease resistant crops.


What are the methods of seed sowing?

The two methods of seed sowing are sowing by hand and sowing by seed drilling machines.


What is broadcasting?

The method of sowing seeds by hand is known as broadcasting.


How to prevent the overcrowding of crops?

Overcrowding needs to be prevented for getting sufficient sunlight, water and nutrients. It is prevented by sowing seeds in a uniform manner.

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