Agriculture - Seeds, Selection, And Sowing

Seeds are the vital part of agriculture. Selection of good quality seeds is a challenge for farmers. Only good quality seeds which are sown properly can give an expected result or yield. Seeds of a variety of types and strains are available; cultivators have to choose from these and these have to be sown in the field. Let us see a selection of seeds and methods of sowing.

Agriculture & Seed Selection

Healthy, good quality seeds are the root of a healthy crop. Hence the selection of seeds is crucial. Selection helps to obtain healthy seeds; sustain and optimize the quality of crop strain. Based on plant size, the quantity of grains, fruit size or color, disease resistance etc. seeds can be selected. Farmers also need to check the germination period, nutrients required so that the selected seeds will be beneficial in terms of yield and finance.Some seeds are sources of diseases; they can be used after proper treatment like chemical or hot water treatments etc. A careful observation of crops and their yield in the first year may help farmers to choose best strains of seeds for successive years. Hence, for high yield, sow best seeds.

Agriculture _ Sowing seeds

Sowing seeds


After the preparation of soil, the previously selected seeds are scattered in the field. This is called sowing. Sowing should be done carefully and uniformly. If seeds are not sown uniformly, overcrowding of crop happens. For sufficient sunlight, water and other requirements congestion need to be prevented. Traditionally, sowing is done manually whereas nowadays seed drilling machines are used.

Traditional method: Here, seeds are sown either by hand or by using tools. Sowing of seeds by hand is called broadcasting. This is cheap but a uniform distribution is not maintained. Alternatively, a funnel-like a tool filled with seeds is used. Seeds are passed through pipes deep into the soil.

Drilling machine: This is a modern method where sowing is done by iron drills connected to a tractor. Here also funnels filled with seeds are present at the top of the drill. When plough moves, seeds are distributed into the furrow made by the plough and covered. This method is more advantageous than the traditional method.  They distribute seeds at regular distances and depth and are also profitable in terms of both labor and time.

Selection and sowing of seeds are two agricultural practices which demand extreme attention and care.

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