Difference Between Erosion and Weathering

Difference Between Erosion and Weathering

Erosion and weathering refer to processes in which the rocks are broken down and moved from their original position. The main difference between erosion and weathering lies in the position of rocks. Weathering degrades rocks without changing its original position but erosion carries soil and rocks away from their original position. Given below in the tabular column more differences between erosion and weathering are listed.

Erosion Vs Weathering

Erosion Weathering
The displacement of solids such as mud, solid and rock by agents of water, wind or ice by downward movement in response to gravity Weathering refers to the decomposition of soils and their minerals and rocks through direct contact with the earth’s atmosphere
Movement of eroded particles is involved No movement of weathered particles
The different types of erosion are water, wind, ice, thermal and gravity erosion The different types of weathering include physical, chemical and biological weathering
The resultants of erosion are a small particle of rocks and soil The resultants of weathering are small particle of rocks and soil

Erosion and weathering together degrade soil and wear away shorelines and cliffs. Although, humans contribute to the intensity with which erosion and weathering take place by construction methods and harmful farming practice. To learn more differences like the difference between a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, Visit BYJU’S.

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