Difference Between Erosion and Weathering

Erosion and weathering are the processes in which the rocks are broken down into fine particles. Erosion is the process in which rock particles are carried away by wind and water. Weathering, on the other hand, degrades the rocks without displacing them.

Given below in the tabular column are listed more differences between erosion and weathering.

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Erosion vs Weathering

Following are the important difference between erosion and weathering:

Difference Between Erosion and Weathering


It is the displacement of solids by wind, water and ice. It is the decomposition of rocks, soil and minerals by direct contact with the atmosphere.

The eroded materials are displaced.

The weathered materials are not displaced.

The different types of erosion are water, wind, ice, thermal and gravity erosion

The different types of weathering include physical, chemical and biological weathering

Wind, water, ice and human activities are some of the causes of erosion.

Weathering is caused due to atmospheric factors like air pressure.

Erosion and weathering together degrade soil and wear away shorelines and cliffs. Humans contribute to the intensity with which erosion and weathering take place by construction methods and harmful agricultural practices.

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