Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome is one of the genetic disorders in males. It occurs when a male baby is born with more than required or extra X chromosomes.

Many males consist of one X and one Y chromosome and an extra chromosome can cost a male with physical traits which are inappropriate for males.

Klinefelter syndrome is found in 1 out of 1000 males. The unwanted additional sex chromosome is a result of a random error in the formation of sperm or the egg.

More than half of the time the error happens in the sperm formation while the remainder is due to complications in the egg development. Women with pregnancies after the age of 35 have slightly more chances of having a baby with this syndrome.   

A  complete picture of a person’s chromosomes is referred to as a karyotype. Any changes in this karyotype results in the chromosomal abnormalities and Klinefelter syndrome is one among the chromosomal abnormalities with the presence of additional or an extra X chromosome in boys.
Let us learn more details about the Klinefelter syndrome, its causes, symptoms and available treatment.

Causes Of Klinefelter Syndrome

The existence of an extra X chromosome takes place when the genetic element splits unevenly in the egg. It can also develop when the genetic element splits unevenly in the sperm. Although this is one of the genetic disorders, it is not carried through family members.

Symptoms Of Klinefelter Syndrome

There are no obvious symptoms in men with Klinefelter syndrome. Some have thinly dispersed hair, wide hips, and enlarged breasts. The testicles in every man stay small while in some the penis does not grow to the adult size.

Treatment Of Klinefelter Syndrome

There are different types of treatment available for the Klinefelter syndrome and based on signs and symptoms of the patients the treatment varies. The treatment includes:

  1. Fertility treatment.
  2. Psychological counselling.
  3. Removal of excess breast tissue.
  4. Hormonal Replacement Therapy.
  5. Support and Educational evaluation.

Males affected by Klinefelter syndrome are given testosterone, which is a male sex hormone required for sexual enhancement. If the treatment begins near the age of puberty, it can serve boys to have proper body development.

The testosterone is injected through a gel or skin patch. Normally the treatment prolongs throughout a man’s life, but does not assist infertility. Educational support and Speech therapy can be helpful for boys with problems in language.

A man is capable of having his sperm gathered via testicular sperm extraction (TEST) if he wants to have children. The sperms are obtained during the TEST by inserting a clean needle within the testicle or a small cut formed in the testicle. Normal sperm is found and used in vitro fertilization.

This was a brief introduction of the Klinefelter Syndrome. For more information about Klinefelter, its causes, symptoms and other related topics, visit us at  BYJU’S Biology.


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