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NIACL AO exam recruits eligible candidates for Administrative Officer posts in various cadres. Being covered under the Government of India, the Administrative Officer in NIACL is a lucrative job profile with good prospects for future growth. Aspirants of NIACL Administrative Officer exam are provided with free NIACL AO Mock Tests by BYJU’s for proper guidance for the exam preparation.

Candidates eyeing for a career in government sectors can find detailed information on various Government exams in the linked article.

Owing to the stability and dignified career of Administrative Officer Post, the aspirants of NIACL AO exam face fierce competition in the exam. Thus, it is important for candidates to do comprehensive preparation for the exam by religiously taking online NIACL AO Mock Tests.

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The NIACL AO exam is conducted by the New India Assurance Company Limited. The recruitment for the Administrative Officer post is done for two categories.

  • NIACL AO Generalist
  • NIACL AO Specialist
Solve NIACL AO Mock Tests and excel in the upcoming insurance exams. Take your preparation a step ahead with the help of links given below:

To know in detail the relevant information about NIACL AO exam, kindly check the linked page.

The NIACL AO test series consists of free NIACL AO Mock Tests that are aligned with the NIACL AO previous year paper.

Each online mock test of NIACL AO exam consists of a complete set of 25 model questions that are adjacent to NIACL AO previous year question paper.

Not only this, but NIACL AO test series also provides detailed solutions along with the answer key in NIACL AO free mock test PDFs.

The free online NIACL AO mock test will prepare the candidates for the final face-off by giving NIACL AO model questions from the three main sections of NIACL AO paper. Therefore, the candidates who wish to revise the whole syllabus and analyze the level of preparation must take NIACL AO Mock Test.

Also, practising NIACL AO previous year question paper and taking online quizzes is important for all-round preparation of NIACL AO exam.

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NIACL AO Exam Pattern

New India Assurance exam pattern for Administrative Officer Post is set by the New India Assurance Company Limited.

NIACL AO is an online written examination conducted in two stages.

  • NIACL AO Preliminary Exam
  • NIACL AO Mains Exam

Besides these two written exams, candidates have to go through the Interview round and final Selection process to get appointed as Administrative Officer in NIACL.

NIACL AO Prelims exam is conducted online and comprises objective questions of 100 marks.

The prelims exam of NIACL AO consists of 3 sections. Details of the same are given below:

NIACL AO exam pattern Prelims
Sections Number of questions Max marks Duration
Quantitative aptitude 35 35 20 minutes
Reasoning ability 35 35 20 minutes
Verbal Ability 30 30 20 minutes
Total 100 100 1 hour

The Free NIACL AO Mock Tests comprises questions from Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude sections. Practising NIACL AO Mock Test series on a daily basis will help candidates with insightful information on their performance, improve their speed, accuracy & overall efficiency in the final face-off.

The pattern of NIACL AO Test Series will be the same as the one given below. Candidates can refer to the NIACL AO Mock test 1 given below.

NIACL AO Mock Test 1

Q.1. On a religious day, 50 men took a dip in a water tank that was 40 m long and 20 m broad. If the average displacement of water by a man was 4 m3. Then the rise in water level in the tank will be?

  1. 50 cm
  2. 35 cm
  3. 30 cm
  4. 25 cm

Answer 4

Solution 1. Total volume of water displaced = (4 x 50) m3 = 200 m3

Therefore, rise in water level = (200 / (40 x 20))m = 0.25 m i.e. 25 cm

Q.2. The area of a rectangle circumscribed by a circle is 32 cm2 and the length of one side of the rectangle is 8 cm. What is the length of the diameter of the circle?

  1. 12 cm
  2. 16 cm
  3. 4√5 cm
  4. 5√2 cm

Answer 3

Solution 2. Area of the rectangle = 32 cm2 . One side = 8 cm

Then other side will be = 32/8 = 4 cm

Therefore, the Diameter of the circle = Diagonal of a rectangle

√82 + 42 cm = √80 cm i.e. 4√5 cm.

Q.3. If the ratio between the area of two circles is 4: 1 then the ratio of their radii will be?

  1. 2 : 1
  2. 1 : 2
  3. 4 : 1
  4. 1 : 3

Answer 1

Solution 3:

[ πR12 / πR22] = 4/1

R12 / R22 = 4/1

R1 /R2 = 2/1 i.e 2 : 1

Q.4. On a sum of money, the simple interest for 2 years is ₹660, while the compound interest is ₹696.30. The rate of interest is the same in both cases. Find the rate of interest?

  1. 10%
  2. 11%
  3. 10.5%
  4. 12.5%

Answer 2

Solution 4. Difference in C.I and S.I for 2 years = 696.30 – 660 = 36.30

S.I for 1 year = ₹330

Therefore S.I on ₹330 for 1 year = ₹36.30

Therefore, the rate of interest = [(100 x 36.30) / 330] % = 11%

Q.5. A moneylender finds that due to fall in the annual rate of interest from 8% to 7 ¾%, his yearly income diminishes by ₹61.50. What is his capital?

  1. 26000
  2. 24600
  3. 23800
  4. 22400

Answer 2

Solution 5. Let the capital be C

Then, [(C x 8 x 1) / 100] – [( C x 3(1/4) x 1/100)] = 61.50

32C – 31C = 6150 x 4

C = 24600

Q.6. A train takes 9 sec to cross a pole. If the speed of the train is 48 kmph, then the length of the train is?

  1. 80 m
  2. 90 m
  3. 120 m
  4. 150 m

Answer 3

Solution 6. Time is taken by the train to cross a pole = 9 sec

Distance covered in crossing a pole = Length of the train

Speed of the train – 48 kmph

48 x 5/18 m/sec = 40.3 m/sec

Therefore, the length of train = speed x time

I.e. 40/3 x 9 = 120 m.

Q.7. A jogger running at 9 kmph alongside a railway track is 240 meters ahead of the engine of a 120-meter long train running at 45 kmph in the same direction. In how time will the train pass the jogger?

  1. 18 sec
  2. 3.6 sec
  3. 36 sec
  4. 72 sec

Answer 3

Solution 7. Speed of train relative to jogger = 45 -9 kmph = 36 kmph

36 x 5/18 m/sec = 10 m /sec

Distance to be covered = (240 + 120) m = 360 m

Therefore, the required time = 360/10 sec = 36 sec.

Q.8. The age of father today is thrice that of his son. After 12 years the age of the father will be twice that of his son. what is the present age of his son?

  1. 10 years
  2. 15 years
  3. 12 years
  4. 20 years

Answer 3

Solution 8.

let the age of son= x

father’s present age = 3x

After 12 years, 3x + 12 = 2x + 24

3x – 2x = 24 – 12

x = 12, hence age of son is 12 years.

Directions 9-10. Read the statement given and choose the correct answer for the conclusions to follow.


Some planets are star

All stars are comets

No comet is a meteor

Q.9. Conclusions:

  1. No star is a meteor
  2. All meteor are planets
  1. Both follow
  2. Only I follow
  3. Only II follows
  4. None follow

Answer 2

Q.10. Conclusion

  1. At least some comets are planets
  2. Some planets being meteors is a possibility
  1. Only I follow
  2. Only II follows
  3. None follow
  4. Both follow

Answer 4

Solution 9 -10 :

Q.11. If TRUTH is coded as SUQSTVSUGI, then the code for FALSE will be?


Answer 1

Solution 11.

(-1)T(+1) (-1)R(+1) (-1)U(+1) (-1)T(+1) (-1)H(+1)


(-1)F (+1) (-1)A (+1) (-1)L (+1) (-1)S (+1) (-1)E (+1)


Q.12. If DELHI is coded as CCIDD, what will be the code for BOMBAY?


Answer 4

Solution 12.

D(-1) E(-2) L(-3) H(-4) I(-5)


B(-1) O(-2) M(-3) B(-4) A(-5) Y(-6)


Directions 13-14: Read the information and answer the questions following

Aryan is the son of Babita. Chandani, Babita’s sister, has a son Dhanush and a daughter Esha. Farukh is the maternal uncle of Dhanush.

Q.13. How many nephews does Farukh have?

  1. Two
  2. Three
  3. Four
  4. None

Answer 1

Q.14. How is Aryan related to Dhanush and Farukh?

  1. Cousin
  2. Nephew
  3. Both cousin and Nephew
  4. Brother and son

Answer 3

Solution 13-14

(+) Male, (-) Female, (↔) Siblings, (↕) Son/daughter

B (↔) C (-) (↔) F(+)

↕ ↕

A (+) D (+)↔E (-)

Directions 15 – 17 read the information given and answer the questions following

P,Q,R,S,T,U,V and W are Eight Friends sitting around a table facing the centre. W is not the immediate neighbour of T and S but is sitting on the immediate left of P. V is the neighbour of T and U is on the immediate right of Q. R is between T and U.

Q.15. What is the position of S?

  1. Immediate left of P
  2. Immediate left of Q
  3. Between Q and U
  4. Second to the right of U

Answer 2

Q.16. Which of the following statements is true?

  1. U is neighbor of V
  2. T is between U and Q
  3. V is between W and T
  4. W is between P and S

Answer 3

Q.17. position of V with respect to P?

  1. Third to left of P
  2. Immediate left of P
  3. Second to right of P
  4. Second to left of P

Answer 4

Solution 15-17

Q.18. Letters L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S and T in their order are substituted by nine integers 1 to 9 in the following order. 4 is assigned to P. Difference between P and T is 5. The difference between N and T is 3. What is the integer assigned to N?

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 8

Answer 2

Solution 18.

P = 4

T – P = 5

T – 4 = 5

T = 5 + 4 = 9

T – N = 3

9 – N = 3

N = 9 – 3

N = 6

Directions 19-21 Complete the sentences by choosing the best alternatives.

Q.19. In this context, the ___ of the British labour movement is particularly ___.

  1. Affair, weird
  2. Experience, significant
  3. Activity, moving
  4. Atmosphere, gloomy

Answer 2

Q.20. The Darwin who ___ is most remarkable for the way in which he ___ the attributes of the world-class thinker and head of the household.

  1. Emerges, combines
  2. Comes, figures
  3. Arises, adds
  4. Appeared, combines

Answer 1

Q.21. Indian intellectuals may boast, if they are so inclined, of being ___ to the most elitist among the intellectual ___ of the world.

  1. Subordinate, traditions
  2. Heir, traditions
  3. Heirs, cliques
  4. Ancestors, societies

Answer 2

Direction 22-23. The sentences are given below when properly sequenced form a coherent paragraph. Choose the most logical order of sentences from the given alternatives.


  1. However, binding the obligation to kill, members of feuding families engaged in mutual massacre will be genuinely appalled if by some mischance a bystander or outsider is killed.
  2. So the actual risk to outsiders, though no doubt higher than our societies, is calculable.
  3. The situations in which violence occurs and the nature of that violence tends to be clearly defined at least in theory, as in the proverbial Irishman’s question: “Is this a private fight or can anyone join in?”
  4. Probably the only uncontrolled applications of force are those of social superiors to social inferiors and even here there are probably some rules.
  1. 1324
  2. 3412
  3. 4231
  4. 1234

Answer 1


  1. Michael Hofman, a poet and translator, accepts this sorry fact without approval or complaint.
  2. Hofman feels passionately about his work and this is clear from his writings.
  3. He acknowledges too — in fact, he returns to the point often — that best translators of poetry always fail at some level.
  4. But thanklessness and impossibility do not daunt him.
  5. In terms of the gap between worth and rewards, translators come somewhere near nurses and street-cleaners.
  1. 51324
  2. 12543
  3. 51342
  4. 23514

Answer 3

Directions 24-25 For each of the words in Bold letters in the sentence below. Pick the most inappropriate alternatives given for that word.

Q.24. When I suggested that war is a method of controlling the population, my father remarked that I was being facetious.

  1. Jovial
  2. Jocular
  3. Joking
  4. Jovian

Answer 4

Q.25. Some words fall into disuse as technology makes objects obsolete.

  1. Discarded
  2. Prevalent
  3. Obliterated
  4. Unfashionable

Answer 2

All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions on NIACL AO Mock Test


Q 1. Can I attempt the NIACL AO Online Test series offline also?

Ans. Yes, You can download the NIACL AO Mock Tests PDF and can attempt it offline as many times as you want.

Q 2. Does BYJU’S provide solutions to NIACL AO Free Mock Tests?

Ans. Yes, each online mock test of NIACL AO gives the answer and detailed solutions to the questions.

Q 3. Which are the best books to study for the NIACL AO exam?

Ans. Given below is a list of books that candidates can consider to prepare for the NIACL AO exam:

  • Indian Economy by Mishra & Puri
  • Major economic newspapers and Economic and Political Weekly
  • An introduction to Economics – A W Stonier and DC Hauge
  • Financial Management – Prasanna Chandra
  • Public Finance – K K Andley and Sundaram

Q 4. How can I choose the right NIACL AO Sample Papers?

Ans. For best result, candidates must opt for practise papers which are in line with the latest exam pattern and allow the candidates to solve them multiple times. This will help a candidate analyse their own performance.

Q 5. Why should I choose BYJU’S NIACL AO online test series?

Ans. BYJU’S NIACL AO Mock Tests are designed with an aim to provide the best preparation for the upcoming Administrative Officer exam. The detailed solution and answers after each practice paper gives the candidate an opportunity to analyse their own performance and work harder on the subjects which are their weakness.


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