Kerala Board Previous Year Question Papers

Kerala Board Of Public Examinations or KBPE is the main board, which has the responsibility to conduct public exams for students of the SSLC and HSE. The board is also in charge of administering education to the students from the primary level to secondary level and even to teacher’s training. Known for it’s 100% literacy rate, the state is concerned with promoting high quality education. Hence, most of the students are also very focused on their studies and exam preparations.

A student who has realized the importance of school education, will obviously prepare well in advance for the upcoming exams. So, for students, the Kerala Previous Year Question Papers are indeed a very useful tool. It helps the students to be well-prepared and confident, as they would be more aware of the exam pattern, type of questions asked, the marking schemes and so on.

Kerala Previous Year Question Papers

Kerala Plus Two Previous Question Papers And Answers
Kerala Plus one Previous Question Papers And Answers
Kerala SSLC Previous Question Papers Free Download

Students who do the previous year question papers will now find the main exams easier as they would be better acquainted with the type of questions that are frequently asked in these exams. They would also know how to better manage time, as they get to know the question pattern, marking scheme and time allotted for each section of  a question paper. It also helps students to self-evaluate their performance and gauge their knowledge-gap, so that they will know how to study for the upcoming exams.

Meanwhile, these are some points for the regular SSLC students of Kerala Board to consider. These students will have to write 9 papers in the exam and their marks from continuous evaluation are also considered for all the subjects. The ratio of TE- Terminal Evaluation and CE- Continuous Evaluation marks for the subjects English, Social Science and Mathematics are at 80:20, while for other subjects exclusive of IT it is 40:10. Alternatively, for IT the total score is 50 instead of 40 and theory marks conducted in the computer mode are also added to the practical, so the ratio of scores for CE, Theory and Practicals would be 10:10:30.

At BYJU’s, Kerala Board students who are serious about their studies and would like to gain practice by solving previous year question papers, can download and access the study materials. From the syllabus to sample papers, textbooks and Kerala Board Previous Year Question Papers are all now available here.  

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