Difference Between Cerebellum and Cerebrum

The significant difference between cerebellum and cerebrum is their size. The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain, and it contributes nearly 80% of the total weight of the human brain. The cerebellum makes up the remaining part of the brain. The cerebrum controls voluntary movement, intelligence and memory. Precision, coordination and timing, posture are all controlled by the cerebellum.

Difference Between Cerebellum and Cerebrum

Difference Between Cerebellum and Cerebrum

Our brain is the result of millions of years of evolution. It is by far the most complex structure in the human body, and it controls and co-ordinates almost all functions necessary for life.

Following are the key difference between Cerebellum and Cerebrum :

Difference Between Cerebellum and Cerebrum
Cerebellum Cerebrum
Second largest part of the brain Largest part of the brain
Forms a part of the hindbrain Forms a part of the forebrain
It has two cerebellar hemispheres and the presence of a medial vermis Composed of two cerebral hemispheres, each consisting of 4 lobes, namely: temporal, parietal, occipital and the frontal lobe.
White matter in this region forms arbor vitae Unlike the cerebellum, the white matter does not form arbor vitae
Controls precision, coordination, accuracy of timing and posture Controls voluntary movement, intelligence and memory

Injuries to the brain

The brain is a vital organ; hence, any injuries may adversely affect body functions. Injuries that occur to the brain as a result of excessive force, falls, or accidents are called traumatic brain injuries. The effects of the injury depend on several factors such as severity, location, and type.

Sometimes, the brain gets injured through other events and situations that do not involve trauma, such as stroke, encephalitis, cancer, brain haemorrhaging or even abnormally folded proteins such as prions. These might adversely affect the brain function, impairing life.

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