Difference Between Egestion And Excretion

Every living organism needs oxygen and nutrients for survival. In the process, they discharge products that can no longer be used by their system. These “wastes” can be categorized into two types based on their discharged material. The materials discharged during the process of Egestion are undigested matter leftover from the process of digestion. Excretion, on the other hand, discharges metabolic waste products. This is the main Difference Between Egestion And Excretion.

Difference Between Egestion And Excretion

Difference Between Egestion And Excretion

Another difference between Egestion and Excretion is the types of organisms that use the two. For instance, Egestion cannot happen in plants as they do not have a digestive system. But they can excrete metabolic wastes like oxygen after the process of photosynthesis. Animals can undergo Egestion and Excretion as well. The other difference between egestion and excretion are summarized below:

Difference Between Egestion And Excretion
Egestion Excretion
The process involves removing undigested waste products from the body of the organism. The process involves removing wastes from the cells of organisms.
Discharged materials are undigested food and other toxic substances leftover from digestion. Discharged materials are Metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide or oxygen.
Egestion mainly happens through the anus or the mouth. (animals such as jellyfish use their mouth to consume and discharge wastes). Excretion happens through the nose, skin and urethra.
Only animals undergo egestion. Excretion happens in both plants and animals.


The difference between Excretion and Egestion lies in the type of waste discharged from an organism. In the egestion process, which takes place in animals, the undigested food left over after the digestion process is discharged out. Excretion occurs in both plants and animals, where metabolic wastes are discharged.

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