Difference Between Nucleus and Nucleoid

Inside every living organisms, there is an area that controls the inheritance and cellular functions. For eukaryotes, it is the nucleus, whereas, for prokaryotes, it is nucleoid. Both nucleus and nucleoid, contain genetic information encoded in a genetic material. DNA as genetic material is in both. Though, the functions of the nucleus and nucleotide are the almost the same, their structure and organisation are different in many ways.

Difference Between Nucleus and Nucleoid

The nucleus is the important and largest cell organelle in a eukaryotic cell. A nucleus is a membrane-enclosed organelle that houses the genetic material of eukaryotes in DNA. The nucleus consists of protein fibers or the DNA inside chromatin fibers. Nucleoids contain the genetic material of prokaryotes in the cytoplasm. The nucleoids consist of a single chromosome. Let us look at more difference between nucleus and nucleoid in the table given below.



A nucleus is a membrane-bound structure in which eukaryotes store their genetic materials.

Nucleoid is a particular area in which prokaryotes store their genetic materials.

A nucleus is well organised and is large.

Nucleoid is poorly organised and is small.

A nucleus is surrounded by a double layer membrane called nuclear membrane which separates the nucleus from other cell organelles.

Nucleoid lacks a protective membrane.

A nucleus contains many chromosomes.

Nucleoid contains only a single circular DNA molecule.

A nucleus is a spherically shaped organelle.

Nucleoid is an irregularly shaped organelle.

Nucleoplasm and Nucleolus are present in the nucleus.

Nucleoplasm and Nucleolus are absent in a nucleoid.

It is composed of DNA, RNA, enzymes, dissolved ions, histones and other subnuclear bodies.

It is composed of DNA, RNA, histones and other proteins.

From the differences given, we can conclude that nucleus and nucleoid are different in many ways. To know more about the structure of DNA, RNA, etc. Visit BYJU’S.

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