Difference Between Ocean and Sea

Difference between Ocean and Sea is fundamentally important to understand, as one must be familiar with their surroundings and as Earth is 75% water, with only 25% land; it is important for everyone to understand the basic characteristics of the ocean and the sea, to separate it from one another. An ocean is nothing but a gigantic mass of water body present on earth, whereas the sea is defined as a small subset of the ocean, where it meets the land. Any mass of body that subsects and meets the land is called the sea. Thus, from this we know that a sea forms the smaller portion of the ocean and it is usually the area where the land meets the ocean. It also helps to know the classification of animal kingdom, as one can have a full understanding of the ocean aquatic life.

Difference between Ocean and Sea



A gigantic mass of water is termed as the Ocean.

A smaller portion of the ocean, where the water meets the land is termed as the Sea.

An ocean is usually huge with little to no land near it. They are usually termed infinite or boundless.

A sea is usually enclosed partially or completely by land.

An Ocean contains salt water.

A Sea also contains salt water

It is impossible to reach the ocean bed, as the waters are incredibly deep.

It is possible to reach the sea bed to extract samples from the sea bed. Light also passes through the water to the sea bed.

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