5-Letter Words Starting with ‘D’

English vocabulary plays an important role in our communication. From our childhood, we have been taught to learn various small and big words to improve our vocabulary, which includes various 5-letter words. While reading an English comprehension, you must have come across various 5-letter words that start with ‘d’. If you want to learn various 5-letter words starting with ‘d’, then you are at the right place. We have provided the lists of words below.

5-Letter Words Starting with ‘D’

Below, we have provided the list of 5-letter words starting with ‘d’. Check it out.

dance dream drums drone daddy
drink daily dance dandy daunt
dairy diary dates daisy debit
death delve demit delta demon
debug decay debut denim decor
dense depot deter depth detox
delay defer deign diode dizzy
dirge dicot disco ditty digit
ditch dimly diner dingo dingy
dodge docks dorse dogma doubt
dough dozen dally dread drink
draft droil drive drain drone
drown droid drama drawl droit
droll drape droop drier dress
drift dunes dully dusty dummy
dusky dwelt dwarf dwell dying

Frequently Asked Questions on 5-Letter Words Starting with ‘D’


What are some 5-letter words starting with ‘d’?

Some  5-letter words starting with ‘d’ are dream, dryer, dirty, drive, dumps, etc.


What are some 5-letter words starting with ‘dr’?

Some 5-letter words starting with ‘dr’ are dream, drive, drove, dried, drape, etc.