Adjectives for Eyes

Imagine you are asked to write a character description. What would be the kind of adjectives you’d use to describe the person’s external appearance and character. All of us would have come across the saying, ‘The eyes never lie’ in many movies and works of literature. Well, it is true. A person’s eyes will convey their emotions and intentions. Describing the eyes of a character might be a challenging task. Knowing the right adjectives to describe the shape of the eye and the emotion they convey will make your writing vividly accurate. This article provides you with a list of adjectives you can use. Take a look.

List of Adjectives for Eyes

Check out the following list of adjectives and make good use of them in your writing.

Gleaming Glazed Sparkly Almond-shaped
Glistening Swollen Steady Asymmetrical
Dazzling Glittering Sunken Bug-eyed
Glowing Tear-filled Cross-eyed Close-set
Teary Deep-set Tired Doe
Twinkling Downturned Guileless Vapid
Elongated Watchful Watering Hooded
Heavy Wide awake Huge Iridescent
Heavy-lidded Wild-eyed Large Ablaze
Lidded Icy Luminous Angelic
Limpid Oval Moon-eyed Puffy
Magnificent Misty Radiant Round
Narrowed Slanted Golden Uneven
Symmetrical Bloodshot Angry Anxious
Droopy Blue Drowsy Expressive
Emotionless Keen Hollow Sad
Black Blue-green Emerald Hazel
Pensive Hopeful Brown Clear
Dark Pale Weary Amber


Frequently Asked Questions on Adjectives for Eyes


How can you describe an eye?

The eyes can be described using various adjectives like pale, blue, beautiful, bold, heavy, reddish, etc. The adjectives can be used appropriately depending on the description. If you wish to explain the colour of the eye, then you can use the colour of the eyeball (emerald, blue, hazel, etc.) as the adjective. If you wish to explain the expression of the eye, then you can use words like angry, anxious, curious, etc.


What are the adjectives used to describe the shape, size and position of the eyes?

In order to describe the shape, size and position of the eyes, you can use adjectives like asymmetrical, cross-eyed, moon-eyed, oval, small, huge, uneven, etc.