‘Am’ Words: Check the List of Words Containing ‘Am’

English is an interesting but confusing language. Our vocabulary has been drilled into us since we were little. You have therefore been instructed to memorise the various letter words. Now that you are more fluent in English, you must not have given much thought to the words that begin with each letter. Does it seem complicated to you? Do not be concerned; we have numerous ‘am’ words for you. Check the lists of ‘am’ words provided in the article.

‘Am’ Words in English

‘Am’ words are the words that either start with ‘am’ or have ‘am’ in them. From your childhood, you must have learnt various smaller and bigger words like 7-letter words. There are various ‘am’ words like jam, scam, dam, ample, etc. Check the list of ‘am’ words provided below in the article.

Dam  Ram  Ham  Yam  Jam 
Same  Roam  Team  Tame  Pram 
Name  Lame  Game  Spam  Camp 
Fame  Seam  Amid  Beam  Dame 
Lamb  Exam  Scam  Ramp  Damn 
Lamp  Foam  Clam  Slam  Glam 
Gram  Among  Tramp  Dream  Gleam 
Frame  Flame  Amuse  Cream  Steam 
Drama  Shame  Ample  Amend  Amaze 
Champ  Gamer  Clamp  Swamp  Family 
Amount  Lament  Damage  Ambush  Ramble 
Famous  Sample  Stream  Revamp  Camera
Campus  Dreamy  Namely  Tamper  Pamper 
Hammer  Scream  Damsel  Amidst  Rename 
Famine  Bamboo  Mammal  Hamper  Example 
Stamina  Shampoo  Examine  Diamond  Chamber 
Amateur  Amplifier  Grammar  Tsunami  Pyramid 
Caramel  Rampant  Hamster  Ambient  Adamant 
Campaign  Ambience  Familiar  Amputate  Dramatic 
Champion  Sampling  Diameter  Campfire  Ornament 
Amicable  Teamwork  Scramble  Nickname  Pamphlet 
Calamity  Hologram  Stampede  Framework Amendment 
Ambitious  Testament  Mainframe  Paramount  Ambulance 
Ambiguous  Paramedic Amplitude  Catamaran  Amazement 
Hamburger  Amphibian  Melodrama  Tournament  Parliament 
Gramophone  Ambassador  Trampoline  Streamline Ambivalent 
Flamboyant  Camouflage  Backgammon  Tambourine  Ramshackle 
Unscramble  Fundamental  Examination  Familiarity  Chamberlain 
Predicament  Temperament  Grammatical  Camaraderie  Aerodynamic 
Contaminant  Inflammable  Proclamation  Amalgamation  Paramilitary 
Amphitheatre  Photodynamic  Perambulator  Metamorphism  Hippopotamus 
Parliamentary  Contamination  Amplification  Temperamental  Thermodynamic
Echocardiogram  Electrodynamic  Ultramicroscope  Overfamiliarity  Intramolecular 

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Am’ Words


What are ‘am’ words?

‘Am’ words refer to the words that either start with ‘am’ or have ‘am’ in them. Some of the ‘am’ words are dam, fam, spam, shame, etc.


What are the various 9-letter ‘am’ words?

Some of the 9-letter ‘am’ words are framework, amplifier, shameless, glamorous, ambulance, etc.