‘Ar’ Words: Check the List of Words Containing ‘Ar’

Finding it difficult to learn English words? Do not worry about it. We have found lists of small and bigger words that contain ‘ar’ or start with ‘ar’. Learning the words may not be so tough, but filtering the words depending on the letters contained might be difficult. To help you with the words, we have provided lists of ‘ar’ words in this article.

‘Ar’ Words in English

‘Ar’ words refer to the list of words that either start with ‘ar’ or contain ‘ar’. Learning the various words containing ‘ar’ will help you strengthen your vocabulary, as you will be able to filter the words you have learnt so far. Check the list of ‘ar’ words provided below in the article. The words may vary depending on the number of letters contained in them. The words may range from 3-letter words to 15-letter words. Check the words provided below.

are arm jar far
par tar art ear
oar car arc war
mar bar ark year
rear dart barb part
gear warp area mare
arid care earl hare
hard bare liar lard
near fare tart ajar
carol glare party harsh
spear award arose barge
heart diary dwarf yearn
earth marsh flare harem
sharp stark parry carer
smart pearl wharf karma
guard spark scarf rebar
market arrive yearly depart
around carbon remark beware
nearly salary scarce arcade
charge reward marker archer
career target arrest jargon
square caring armour appear
parish binary farmer cellar
search linear wizard pillar
garden garage garlic marrow
parent guitar tariff aboard
pardon narrow collar nearby
partly parcel parody inward
rarely hazard coarse hearth
forward compare warfare guarded
quarter parking grammar quartet
variety charity secular orchard
research scenario footwear monarchy
software boundary hardship squarely
standard warranty muscular archival
learning parental departed clarence
separate keyboard glossary pharmacy
military landmark wardrobe hardness
earnings paradigm infrared charcoal
marketing cigarette rehearsal impartial
secretary hierarchy imaginary dashboard
primarily legendary artillery apartheid
secondary paramount exemplary carryover
unfamiliar dissimilar solidarity harmonious
cautionary sportswear chargeable unbearable
partnership preparatory retardation irreparable
necessarily involuntary utilitarian overbearing
participate compartment comparative incarnation
participant springboard singularity planetarium
supermarket motherboard parallelism declaratory
familiarity standardise searchlight unwarranted
disciplinary exhilaration plasterboard majoritarian
authoritarian intravascular particularism nonappearance
perpendicular antisubmarine participatory separationist
pharmaceutical parapsychology characteristic paralinguistic
cardiovascular farsightedness antimilitarist interplanetary
disciplinarian intramolecular straightforward pharmacotherapy
extracurricular decarboxylation artificialities dissimilarities
clearheadedness vascularization departmentalise characteristics
parasympathetic architecturally uncomplimentary majoritarianism

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘Ar’ Words


What are ‘ar’ words?

‘Ar’ words refer to the words which contain ‘ar’, like car, caring, argument, park, etc.


What are the most commonly used words containing ‘ar?

The most commonly used words containing ‘ar’ are, argue, park, car, embark, party, search, target, artist, parent, etc.