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What is the Difference between Send and Sent

It is no secret that English grammar can be confusing at times. Much of this confusion can be attributed to the way that the language has developed over time, and the fact that grammar rules are constantly changing.

Even the language’s most well-known rules can be broken depending on the context. This can prove to be a challenge for non-native English speakers or to students who are learning English. One such example are the words ‘sent’ and ‘send’.

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‘Send’ and ‘sent’ are different forms of the same verb. ‘Sent’ is the past tense and present participle while ‘send’ is the present perfect tense. In this article, we shall explore the meaning of these words, usage as well as various examples.

Table Summarising the Difference between Send and Sent




  1. To be taken to a particular destination / cause to go
  2. Cause to be in a very specific state


Used as a verb. Moreover, ‘send’ is an irregular verb, where the past tense of the word doesn’t end in a typical ‘ed.’ (Hence, you cannot say ‘sended.’)

The Meaning of Send and Sent

As discussed above, ‘send’ and ‘sent’ are essentially the same because the latter is the past tense of the former. However, the actual meaning of the word may change according to context:

  • To be taken to a particular destination / cause to go:
    • Example – It was a good idea to send him off to summer school.
  • Cause to be in a very specific state
    • Example – The atrocities of war can send even the toughest of men to a dark place.

Examples for Sent and Send:

We shall explore more examples:

  • Send:
    • Can you send this letter?
    • Please send me your email address.
    • He sends her a present every year on her birthday.
  • Sent :
    • She sent her regards.
    • The explosion sent the plane into a downward spiral.
    • The guillotine’s heavy blade fell and sent his head rolling.

Send vs. Sent – Conclusion

In this article, we have explored the difference between ‘send’ and ‘sent’, and learnt their similarities and usage. Discover other important concepts in English grammar or find other similar topics, only at BYJU’S English.

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