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Grammar and vocabulary play an important role in the English language. English is a very rich language and is also a crucial part of our lives. Having strong communication skills is quite essential in our everyday life. We have learnt from our childhood that we must learn new words to improve our vocabulary. Therefore, whenever we come across a new word, we search for the meaning of those words and try to understand the usage of the words in various instances. However, learning the antonyms and synonyms of the words can also be a great help in improving our vocabulary. Learning the antonyms of a term can increase your word power and make you sound sophisticated.

Examples of Little in Sentences

  • There is a little juice left inside the refrigerator.
  • Will you have a little water?
  • The bucket has a little water in it.
  • She doesn’t have even a little money.
  • He must be a little considerate.

Antonyms for Little

Antonyms refer to the words which mean the opposite of the given word. In search of the antonyms for ‘little’? Do not worry. We are here with a few words which are opposite to the term ‘little’. The term little means small in size, small in number or less amount. Before learning the antonyms, it is essential to learn the meaning and usage of the term ‘little’. As we all know, the meaning of a term varies depending on the usage of the term in various instances and so are the antonyms. Depending on the meaning, the antonyms of the term also vary. The most commonly used antonym for ‘little’ is more. The other antonyms for ‘little’ are large, huge, major, significant, etc.

Little X more

List of Opposite Words

As we have already discussed, the meanings of words vary depending on the usage of the terms. Whether it is an adjective or an adverb, every word has a different usage, different meaning, and different antonyms. We must keep in mind that there is no specific antonym for a single word. Just like a word can have different meanings depending on the usage of it, the antonyms can also vary depending on its usage. The antonyms of ‘little’ are more, large, huge, massive, etc. Check the below-listed words, which are antonyms of the term ‘little’.






















Frequently Asked Questions on Little

What is the most commonly used antonym for ‘little’?

The most commonly used antonym for ‘little’ is more. But the term has different antonyms, which can be used depending on the usage of the term ‘little’.

What are the antonyms for ‘little’?

The antonyms for the term ‘little’ are more, big, significant, gigantic, major, large, tremendous, etc.

How can we use the term ‘little’ in sentences?

The term ‘little’ can be used in various sentences like,

  • I have a little water left in my bottle.
  • The little girl is so cute.
  • Use a little common sense.