TTYL Full Form: Meaning and Usage

The usage of abbreviations such as FYI, TTYL, NVM, TBH, ICYMI and so on have become popular over the years. The youngsters of today are experts in using the language of the digital age. In this article, you will learn the meaning and usage of TTYL.

Meaning of TTYL

TTYL is the shorter version of the phrase ‘talk to you later’. It is often considered an alternative to saying goodbye. To make it more impactful and less time-consuming, people have been using the term TTYL instead of the phrase.

Just like we say “BRB” instead of saying ‘be right back’, or “AFK” instead of saying ‘away from keyboard’, TTYL is also used while texting, mostly in an informal context.

Usage of TTYL

The term TTYL has been used in electronic communication for a long time. It is most commonly used by the young generation. It is mostly avoided in professional meetings or chats, but the phrase is used in virtual meetings or personal talks. The term is used in corporate lingo. We have provided a few examples below to make it clear and understandable.


  • I’m done for the day. Will ttyl.
  • My phone is about to die, so TTYL.
  • Definitely will ttyl about the same.
  • Hope you don’t mind if I ttyl.
  • The flight shall take off now, will ttyl.
  • I am busy. TTYL, bye.


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