Altitude Of A Triangle

Also, know as height of the triangle, it’s  the perpendicular drawn from the vertex of the triangle to the opposite side, it usually makes right angle triangle with the base.

Altitude Of A Triangle

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More ever why altitude is so important?

It is used for area calculation of the triangle that’s area of a triangle is ½ base*height

About altitude, different triangles have different types of altitude, for example, altitude in an obtuse triangle is like

Altitude Of A Triangle

we can see that the altitude is outside the triangle

Formula for altitude

Many students are little bit confused over the formula of altitude its be like altitude= 2*(A/B) where A is area and B is base student can visit byjus the learning application for precise video lectures

Altitude of an equilateral triangle

Altitude Of A Triangle

As per the above-discussed formula, altitude = 2*(A/B) Now for equilateral triangle A= root3/4 a^2 So putting it in that equation we have (root3/2)*a.

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Practise This Question

Let g(x)=1 + x - [x] and f(x) =1x<00,x=01,x>0 then for all x, f[g(x)] is equal to: 
(IIT 2001)