Rajasthan Board Class 10 Social Science Textbooks

Rajasthan Board Class 10 Social Science textbook helps students learn facts related to the subject. It is considered as a store of information through which students can gain knowledge by reading at any time. The textbook plays a crucial role in the process of teaching and learning. Social Science textbook includes units and chapters, and at the end of each chapter, questions are provided to test the knowledge and understanding of the learner. While preparing for their exam, the textbook can be of great help to clear their doubts related to any concepts.

For Rajasthan Board Class 10 students, the textbook of Social Science serves as a guide in the process of learning. The concepts and topics covered in the textbook are presented in a well-structured format. It helps students to understand the relationship between each chapter. Subject matter experts prepare these textbooks after going through the Rajasthan Board Class 10 syllabus of Social Science.

Download Rajasthan Board Class 10 Social Science Book

From the table given below, students can download the chapter wise PDF of Class 10 Social Science book and use it for future reference.

Along with the English version textbook, students can download chapter wise PDF of Hindi medium Social Science textbook for Class 10.

Chapter 1 स्वर्णिम भारत-प्रारंभ से 1206 ई० तक
Chapter 2 संघर्षकालीन भारत-1206 ई० से 1757 ई० तक
Chapter 3 अंग्रेजी साम्राज्य का प्रतिकार एवं संघर्ष
Chapter 4 विश्व का इतिहास
Chapter 5 लोकतंत्र
Chapter 6 केंद्र सरकार
Chapter 7 राज्य सरकार
Chapter 8 जल संसाधन
Chapter 9 भारतीय कृषि
Chapter 10 खनिज व ऊर्जा संसाधन
Chapter 11 विनिर्माण उद्योग
Chapter 12 मानव संसाधन
Chapter 13 परिवहन एवं संचार
Chapter 14 आर्थिक अवधारणाएँ एवं नियोजन
Chapter 15 भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था की विशेषताएँ एवं नवीन प्रवृत्तियाँ
Chapter 16 भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था के समक्ष चुनौतियाँ
Chapter 17 मुद्रा और वित्तीय संस्थाएँ
Chapter 18 उपभोक्ता एवं विधिक जागरूकता तथा सूचना का अधिकार
Chapter 19 सड़क सुरक्षा-शिक्षा
Chapter 20 स्वच्छता एवं ठोस कचरा प्रबंधन

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