Rajasthan Class 6

The Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan (BSER) aims for academic excellence in the state by taking rapid strides for the development and promotion of Education in Rajasthan. Now, there are more than 6000 schools located in 32 districts with more than 8.5 lakh students enrolled in them. The board was initially set up in Jaipur on 4th Dec 1957; later, in 1961, it was shifted to Ajmer.

Child development occurs through a predictable sequence of milestones. A sixth grader generally exhibits the following characteristics during their growing years:

  • Increased ability to de-centre and see the world from various perspectives
  • Limited thoughts of the future and mostly interested in the present
  • Inquisitive
  • Even if students can form abstractions, they learn better when activities are present and are related to personal experiences

Keeping in mind the listed behavioural characteristics, the syllabus of RBSE Class 6 is designed accordingly to promote curiosity, inquisitiveness and the desire to learn in students. The RBSE textbooks enhance the student’s understanding of a topic from basic to advanced level. In the given links below, we have provided the textbooks, syllabus and sample papers for class 6 Science, Maths and Social Science.

Rajasthan Class 6

Rajasthan Class 6 Syllabus
Rajasthan Class 6 Books
Rajasthan Class 6 Previous Year Question Paper

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