Rajasthan Class 8 Science Syllabus

Students of Rajasthan Board Class 8 can find the detailed RBSE Science syllabus here. The Rajasthan Class 8 Science Syllabus is focussed on the learning of students. “Learning by Doing” is the main motto of the science subject. That’s why students can find the science as a mandatory subject in all the state board across India for Class 1 to 10.

Rajasthan Class 8 Science Syllabus

The table below shows the Rajasthan Board 8th Class Science Syllabus. Have a look at it to know what you will be going to learn in Rajasthan Class 8 Science subject.

Unit I: Food

Chapter 1: Agriculture Management

Unit II: Matter & the things

Chapter 2: Metals and Non-Metals

Chapter 3: Synthetic Fiber & Plastics

Chapter4: Chemical Reactions

Unit III: The World of the Living Beings

Chapter 5: Bio-Diversity

Chapter 6: Reproduction in Plants

Chapter 7: Blood Circulation

Chapter 8: Our Health, Diseases and Prevention

Unit IV: Mobile things, People & their Thoughts

Chapter 9: Work & Energy

Chapter 10: Sound

Unit V: How do things work?

Chapter 11: Effects of Electric Current

Chapter 12: Artificial Satellite

Chapter 13: Information Technology

Unit VI: Natural Events

Chapter 14: Refraction of Light

Chapter 15: Natural Phenomena

Unit VII: Natural Resources

Chapter 16: Air & water pollution & control

Chapter 17: Environment

Chapter 18: Carbon & Fuel

Annexure: Road safety

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