Rajasthan Board Class 7 Maths Textbook

Rajasthan Board Class 7 Maths textbook is considered to be a common resource between teachers and students inside a classroom. The RBSE Class 7 Maths textbook provides every topic in a sequential way, which helps students to understand what to do and when to do. Subject matter experts frame the RBSE Class 7 Maths textbook by referring to the syllabus.

The RBSE Class 7 Maths textbook is an important source of study material, which explains every concept elaborately with proper examples and solutions. At the end of each chapter, students will get different types of questions for practice. Textbooks will help them to memorise the concepts, theorems and formulas for the long run. Students should read their Rajasthan Board Class 7 Maths textbook to improve their performance and retain the knowledge received from the textbook. Students can download RBSE Class 7 Maths textbook, both in English medium and Hindi medium by clicking the highlighted link below.

Download Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Class 7 Maths Textbook in English Medium and Hindi Medium PDF

Chapter-wise RBSE Class 7 Maths Textbook

  • Chapter 1: Integers
  • Chapter 2: Fractions and Decimal Numbers
  • Chapter 3: Square and Square root
  • Chapter 4: Rational Numbers
  • Chapter 5: Powers and Exponents
  • Chapter 6: Vedic Mathematics
  • Chapter 7: Lines and Angles
  • Chapter 8: Triangle and its properties
  • Chapter 9: Congruence of triangles
  • Chapter 10: Construction of Triangles
  • Chapter 11: Symmetry
  • Chapter 12: Visualizing Solid Shapes
  • Chapter 13: Algebraic Expression
  • Chapter 14: Simple Equation
  • Chapter 15: Comparison of Quantities
  • Chapter 16: Perimeter and Area
  • Chapter 17: Data Handling

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