Rajasthan Board Class 9 English Textbook 2021-22

Class 9 marks a turning point in every students’ academic life and this is the stage when they need to build a strong foundation, so that they can score a good percentile in their RBSE Class 10 Board exams. For any student, it is always best to begin their board exam preparation from Class 9 onwards and the Rajasthan Board Class 9 English Textbook can be quite handy for them. These English books are developed as per the RBSE Class 9 syllabus, as prescribed by the Board and designed by a panel of subject experts with proper focus on detailed chapter wise topics and concepts.

The Rajasthan Board Book of Class 9 English uses simple language to explain the topics so that students can easily grasp them. While preparing for their English exam, students should be thorough with the English textbook, so that they can write the final question paper with full confidence. Below we have listed the PDF of Rajasthan Board Book of Class 9 English 2020-21, along with a supplementary reader and Words and Expression textbook for students to download and use for future reference.

Download RBSE Book for Class 9 English 2021-22 PDF

Download RBSE Book for Class 9 English

RBSE Book for Class 9 Beehive English Chapter wise PDF

Chapter Names
Chapter 1: The Fun They Had
The Road Not Taken
Chapter 2: The Sound of Music
Chapter 3: The Little Girl
Rain on the Roof
Chapter 4: A Truly Beautiful Mind
The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Chapter 5: The Snake and the Mirror
A Legend of the Northland
Chapter 6: My Childhood
No Men Are Foreign
Chapter 7: Packing
The Duck and The Kangaroo
Chapter 8: Reach for the Top
On Killing a Tree
Chapter 9: The Bond of Love
The Snake Trying
Chapter 10: Kathmandu
A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal
Chapter 11: If I Were You

RBSE Book for Class 9 Moments Supplementary Reader English Chapter wise PDF

Chapter Names
Chapter 1: The Lost Child
Chapter 2: The Adventures of Toto
Chapter 3: Iswaran the Storyteller
Chapter 4: In the Kingdom of Fools
Chapter 5: The Happy Prince
Chapter 6: Weathering the Storm in Ersama
Chapter 7: The Last Leaf
Chapter 8: A House Is Not a Home
Chapter 9: The Accidental Tourist
Chapter 10: The Beggar

RBSE Book for Class 9 Words and Expression – 1 English Chapterwise PDF

Chapter Names
English Workbook Unit 1
English Workbook Unit 2
English Workbook Unit 3
English Workbook Unit 4
English Workbook Unit 5
English Workbook Unit 6
English Workbook Unit 7
English Workbook Unit 8
English Workbook Unit 9
English Workbook Unit 10
English Workbook Unit 11

Benefits of Studying RBSE Book for Class 9 English

  • Explains the concepts using easy to understand language
  • All important topics and sub-topics are highlighted in the textbook
  • It is good for self-study and self-assessment
  • Most homework and assignments are based on the textbooks
  • Helps to learn the subject more effectively

Meanwhile, while studying through Rajasthan Board Class 9 Books, students must refer to the syllabus. It will keep them focused on studies and help in the preparation for the annual exams.


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