Rajasthan Board Class 12 Textbooks | RBSE 12th books

The Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan include all the topics from the syllabus prescribed by the council. Since RBSE textbooks are the only official study material at the secondary education level, it becomes important for students to prepare for the exams by referring to the prescribed Rajasthan board books for 12th Class. The problems and practice questions that appear in the Rajasthan Board books for the 12th Class form the pool of questions from which the final exam papers are set. It is imperative that students focus on solving and answering these problems and questions.

Rajasthan Board Books for 12th Class

Special attention must also be given to the solved examples in subjects such as Maths and Physics as the exam question papers also include them. Students can access the Rajasthan Board Class 12 Books in Hindi medium from the pages mentioned in the table given:

Download Rajasthan Board Class 12 Books

RBSE Maths

Learning Mathematics can be tricky, but the RBSE Maths textbooks explain the concepts so well and students can easily crack the subject. Units covered in this textbook include Composite function,  Calculus, Linear Programming and more.

RBSE Physics

Physics is a complex subject and acing it is not so easy. Students have to prepare hard with the help of the RBSE Physics textbooks and other resources. Units covered are Electrostatics, optics, Electronics, and so on.

RBSE Chemistry

Chemistry is not so easy to score. However, students can prepare well with the help of RBSE Chemistry books.  Topics covered in the subject are Solid state, Surface Chemistry, Halogen derivatives and more.

RBSE Biology

Some topics found in the RBSE Biology textbook include Reproduction of Plants, Plant Water Relations, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Genetic Engineering, Digestive system of Human, Nervous System of Human and so on. Students can score  well in exams, by studying from the textbooks.

At BYJU’S, we seek to help the students in every way possible and providing the textbooks and Rajasthan board paper is an integral part of our efforts. Students can also access other resources of the Rajasthan senior secondary board from here. 


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