Rajasthan Board Class 12 Biology Important Questions

Acing Biology requires a thorough understanding of the subject, and students need a lot of practice solving questions. For this purpose, we have compiled the Rajasthan Board Class 12 Biology Important Questions here. These will help the students to master the concepts and topics of the subject very well. Students can also gauge their preparation level and plan for their studies accordingly, with the help of these important questions. Answering these RBSE Class 12 Biology Important Questions is the best way for the students to gauge their exam preparations.

Rajasthan Board Class 12 Biology Important Questions

These are the types of questions that are normally asked in the RBSE Class 12 previous year question papers or sample papers. Hence, it will also provide students with an idea about the difficulty level of the board exams. Click on the link given and download the PDF for future reference.

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1) Define apomixis

2) What is the point mutation?

3) What is sickle cell anaemia?

4) Penicillin is obtained from which fungus?

5) Write the importance of Colostrum.

6) Write the full form of IVF

7) On which continent Homosapiens arose?

8)What is Blue- Revolution?

9) Write the name of bacteria that converts milk to curd.

10)Give one use of biotechnology in the field of medicine.

11) Write the difference between unisexual and bisexual animals. Give one example for each.

12)Write polarity of template strand and coding strand. Write three regions of transcription unit of DNA.

13) If acrosome of sperm is damaged then which process will be affected and how?

14)As a student of Biology, how will you explain to farmers that Bee-keeping is simple and economically beneficial for them?

15) Write down in sequence the main steps of plant breeding. What is its importance?

16) Explain the carbon cycle in the ecosystem. Give a linear diagram of the carbon cycle.

17) What is Co-dominance? With the help of example explain co-dominance in a human-being.

18) Prove the organic evolution on the basis of comparative anatomy and morphology.

19) Explain in brief the process of Dairy farm management.

20) Give the names of four reproductive events that occur after puberty in human beings.

21) Explain sex determination in humans with line diagram.

22)Write the types of restriction enzyme. “Synthesis of recombinant DNA molecule is possible only when the vector and source DNA is cut by the same restriction enzyme” explain the reason.

23) What is endosperm? Explain various types of endosperms.

24) What is Genetic engineering? How is a beneficial gene amplified through PCR technique? Explain.

25) ‘DNA is a genetic material’. Prove that with the help of the Hershey-Chase Experiment. Draw a linear diagram of the experiment.

26)Write down the names of post-fertilization events in flowering plants. Describe the process of embryo development.

27)Describe the responses found in organisms against the environmental abiotic factors. (Any three).

28) Describe pollen-pistil interaction in detail.

29) What is bioreactor? Explain its functioning.

30) Explain the use of Agrobacterium tumifaciens in gene cloning.

31) (i) What is genetic code?

(ii) Write four salient features of genetic code.

(iii) Draw a labelled diagram of t-RNA-the adapter molecule.

32) i) What is primary production?

ii) Explain energy flow in the ecosystem.

iii) Give a diagrammatic representation of energy flow through different trophic levels.

33) From which plant is cocoa alkaloid or cocaine obtained? What are its effect on the human body? Write the chemical structure of morphine.

34) Define food chain. How many types of food chain are there? Give the difference between food chain and food web. Draw a linear diagram of the food chain.

35)Explain in detail the process of development of female gametophyte. Draw diagram.

36) Describe typhoid disease on the basis of the following points-

(i) Name of the pathogen.

(ii) Test for confirmation of disease.

(iii) Ways of infection.

(iv) Main symptoms of disease.

(v) Diagram showing the structure of an antibody molecule.

37) What is transcription? Explain the process of transcription in bacteria by the labelled diagram.

38) What is ecological succession? Mention its different steps. Explain Hydrach and Xerarch succession with diagrammatic representation.

39) (i) Write the causes of cancer disease.

(ii) Explain cancer detection.

(iii) Give diagrammatic representation of lymph nodes.

40) Draw a labelled diagram of the structure of the pancreas. Explain the functions of hormones secreted by Isles of Langerhans.

41) i) Name the critical elements present in soil.
ii) Deficiency symptoms of which elements appear first in apical buds.

42) Describe the Structure of a Human Sperm

43) Define pollination. Explain wind and water pollination with example.


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