Rajasthan Class 6 Science Syllabus

The RBSE Class 6 Science textbook was authored using simple language with a view that the textbook should be easy and comprehensible. It is made attractive and interesting with the inclusion of pictures and varied activities in order to imbibe the knowledge contained in them. It also helps students associate themselves with the local environment along with the adherence to the historical, constitutional values and cultural glory of the country in order to establish them as a sincere and worthy citizen of India.  

A syllabus is a student’s tool to navigate their way through the course requirement. A few of the benefits of referring to the syllabus are:

  • Helps you plan an effective study routine
  • Helps you understand what is required of the students throughout the course.

To help you score better marks in exams this time, here, we have provided the complete RBSE Class 6 Science Syllabus for your reference.

Rajasthan Class 6 Science Syllabus
Unit Chapter Name
Unit 1 Chapter 1 Sources of Food
Chapter 2 Nutrition in Plants
Unit 2 Chapter 3 Nature of Things
Chapter 4 Natural Fibres
Chapter 5 Let Us Know The Substance
Unit 3 Chapter 6 Living and Non-Living Things
Chapter 7 Cell
Chapter 8 Micro-organism
Chapter 9 Types And Parts of Plants
Unit 4 Chapter 10 Motion
Chapter 11 Simple Machine
Unit 5 Chapter 12 Force
Chapter 13 Magnetism
Chapter 14 Electric Circuit
Chapter 15 Science in Daily Life
Unit 6 Natural Events Chapter 16 Light and Shadow
Unit 7 Natural Resources Chapter 17 Air, Water and Soil

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