Rajasthan Board Class 7 Social Science Syllabus

Rajasthan Board Class 7 Social Science syllabus informs the students about the objectives of the course and provides a sense of what the course will comprise. It communicates about the learning methodologies for students. The Rajasthan Board Class 7 syllabus is structured in a step by step manner, enabling students to keep up with a chapter daily, without having any hurdles in the last minute of studying.

Students can go through the detailed syllabus of Rajasthan Board Class 7 Social Science provided in the table below. Before starting the academic year, students should quickly glance through the syllabus and get a quick sense of what they will learn from the course.

Unit No. Unit Names
1 Biosphere and Landscape
2 Atmosphere and Climate
3 Water
4 Land
5 Forests and Forest Life
6 Human Life in Different Surroundings-1
7 Human Life in Different Surroundings-2
8 Society and Our Responsibilities
9 Democracy and Equality
10 Gender Understanding and Sensitivity
11 Rajasthan’s Social, Economic and Technical Development
12 State Government
13 Government and Public Welfare
14 Media and Democracy
15 Greater India
16 Harsha Period and India after Harsha
17 Rajasthan and Delhi Sultanate
18 Royal Dynasties of Rajasthan and Mughals
19 Art and Architecture
20 Bhakti and Sufi Movement
21 Folk Culture

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