Rajasthan Board Class 12 Biology Textbook 2021-22

Students who appear for the Rajasthan Board Class 12 board exams now know the importance of the Rajasthan Board Class 12 Biology Textbook. This is the best resource for the students to understand the concepts thoroughly. The book also acts as a guide for a student’s revision before the exams. Although students can find the entire book to download from the official site, for students’ convenience, we have provided the unit-wise PDFs in this article for free download. The textbook consists of 42 chapters divided into 10 units.

Students can download the book in English from the table below. Below in this article, students can find the unit wise links of the 42 Chapters that have been divided int0 10 units, categorised as 5 units under Botany and Zoology each.

Download Rajasthan Board Class 12 Biology Textbook

Some topics found in the textbook include Reproduction of Plants, Plant Water Relations, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Genetic Engineering, Digestive system of Human, Nervous System of Human and so on. Students can access the unit-wise book from the table above and know the concepts covered under each unit or topic.

Details of Chapters under each unit are given:

RBSE Class 12 Biology Book Chapter-wise

Unit VI Reproduction  इकाई छः जनन
Chapter 1 Reproduction in organisms अध्याय 1 जीवों में जनन
Chapter 2 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants अध्याय 2 पुष्पी पादपों में लैंगिक प्रजनन
Chapter 3 Human Reproduction अध्याय 3 मानव जनन
Chapter 4 Reproductive Health अध्याय 4 जनन स्वास्थ्य
Unit VII Genetics and Evolution  इकाई सात: आनुवंशिकी तथा विकास
Chapter 5 Principles of Inheritance and Variation अध्याय 5 वंशगति तथा विविधता के सिद्धांत
Chapter 6 Molecular Basis of Inheritance अध्याय 6 वंशागति वेफ आणविक आधार
Chapter 7 Evolution अध्याय 7 विकास
Unit VIII Biology in Human Welfare  इकाई आठ: मानव कल्याण में जीव विज्ञान
Chapter 8 Human Health and Disease अध्याय 8 मानव स्वास्थ्य तथा रोग
Chapter 9 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Reproduction अध्याय 9 खाद्य उत्पादन में वृद्धि की कार्यनीति
Chapter 10 Microbes in Human Welfare अध्याय 10 मानव कल्याण में सूक्ष्मजीव
Unit IX Biotechnology  इकाई नौ: जैव प्रौद्योगिकी
Chapter 11 Biotechnology: Principles and Processes अध्याय 11 जैव प्रौद्योगिकी – सिद्धांत व प्रक्रम
Chapter 12 Biotechnology and its Applications अध्याय 12 जैव प्रौद्योगिकी एवं उसवेफ उपयोग
Unit X Ecology  इकाई दस: पारिस्थितिकी
Chapter 13 Organisms and Populations अध्याय 13 जीव और समष्टियाँ 
Chapter 14 Ecosystems अध्याय 14 पारितंत्रा
Chapter 15 Biodiversity and Conservation अध्याय 15 जैव-विविध्ता एवं संरक्षण
Chapter 16 Environmental Issues अध्याय 16 पर्यावरण के मुद्दे

Unit 1- Reproduction and Development in Angiosperms

Reproduction and Development in Angiosperms

Reproduction in Augiospermic Plants

Male and Female Gametophyte Structure and Development Pollination, Fertilization and Development of Endosperm and Embryo Special Methods of Plant Reproduction

Unit 2- Plant Physiology-I

Plant Water Relations

Water Absorption and Ascent of Sap in Plants


Mineral Nutrition in Plants


Unit 3-Plant Physiology-II



Nitrogen Metabolism and Nitrogen Cycle

Plant Growth

Unit 4-Biotechnology

Biotechnology – General Introduction

Genetic Engineering

Plant Tissue Culture

Unit 5- Economic Botany and Human Welfare

Economic Botany and Human Welfare

Oil, Fibres, Spices and Medicine Producing Plants

Sustainable Agriculture


Unit 6- Human Physiology-I

Integumentary System of Human

Digestive System of Human

Respiratory System of Human

Blood Circulatory System of Human

Excretory System of Human

Unit 7- Human Physiology- II

Nervous System of Man

Sensory Organs of Human; Sense Organs

Reproductive System of Human

Chemical Coordination in Human

Movements and Locomotion in Man

Unit 8- Human Embryology

Gametogenesis in Human

Fertilization in Human

Embryonic Development in Human

Menstrual Cycle in Human

Unit 9- Genetics and Genomics

Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance

Chromosomal Aberrations in Humans


Unit 10- Human Welfare and Health

Human Population

Immune System

Important and common Human Diseases

Domestication, Culture and Economic Importance of Animals

Biomedical Technologies

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