Rajasthan Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

Social Science Class 6 syllabus is prescribed under the Rajasthan Board. The syllabus covers all major topics such as Our Universe, Solar System, Globe, Maps, etc. with its subtopics and concepts defined. The syllabus includes proper information about the course along with the time frame given for each topic. By going through the Rajasthan Board Class 6 syllabus of Social Science, students will obtain a complete overview of what is expected from them for that academic year. Knowing the syllabus beforehand helps students to prepare effectively for the exam so that they can score good marks in their Social Science paper.

From the table mentioned below, students of Rajasthan Board Class 6 can access the syllabus of Social Science and use it for future reference.

Unit No Unit Name
1 Our Universe
2 Solar System
3 Discovery of the Universe
4 Globe
5 Maps
6 Continents and Oceans
7 Environmental Regions (Zones)
8 Our Social Environment
9 Unity in Diversity
10 Our Bazaars
11 Cooperatives and Consumer: Empowerment
12 Government and Democracy
13 Child Rights and Child Protection
14 Local Self Government Rural and Urban
15 District Administration and Judiciary System
16 Voters Awareness and Voting Process
17 Our Past
18 Vedic Culture and Civilization
19 Magadh Empire and India during the Period of Kingdoms
20 India under the Maurya and the Gupta Dynasties
21 Ancient Indian Economy
22 Our Cultural Heritage

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