Acknowledgement for College Project | Know How to Write & Samples

It’s a great relief when you are done with your final project. A project is successfully completed with the guidance of your mentors, principal, family, friends, etc. While submitting a project, a student is supposed to follow formats to be enclosed within the project, i.e. a certificate page, acknowledgement page, etc. Attaching an acknowledgement for a college project report is essential for every student and for that, they must be aware of the format.

How to Write an Acknowledgement for College Project?

It is a good practice to acknowledge everyone’s contribution towards the completion of your college project or assignment. Without the guidance of the mentors, it is never easy to complete a final project. At times it is difficult for students to write an acknowledgement for a college project report. The most important point to keep in mind while writing an acknowledgement is to mention the title of the project or assignment and also mention the names of the mentors/teachers and the principal/HOD.

To make it an easy practice for all students, we have created a few acknowledgement samples for university projects and acknowledgement samples for college projects. We have also mentioned samples for assignment submission because some colleges/universities demand an acknowledgement for assignment.

Samples of Acknowledgement for Project and Assignment

An acknowledgement for a college project is basically a formal way of thanking all those who have supported you for the completion of a project in college or university. Refer to the acknowledgement sample for university projects provided below, and serve the best impression.

Acknowledgement Sample for College Project

If a student is yet to submit his or her college project, whether online or offline, refer to the below-provided acknowledgement sample for the college project and attach it with the project.

Domlur, Bangalore

8th February, 2022

I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Debjani Nanda for her tremendous direction and assistance in the completion of my project.

I would also like to thank our Principal, Mrs.Jyothi Kumar, for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to work on a project with the topic Food Culture during the Pandemic. This project would not have been accomplished without their help and insights.

Anisha Sinha

Sample-2 for Group project

Place: Koramangala

Date: 7th February, 2022

We would like to thank Mr. Satish Kaipa and our principal, Dr.Srinivasan, of VCS College, for their cooperation in completing our project on the topic (topic name).

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of my group members Mitra Jain, Suresh Chandra, Mahesh Shah, Kritika Mittal, and V S Athira. We would not have been able to complete this project without their help and cooperation.

Asish Sahu

Class of 12th D

Acknowledgement Sample for University Project

A student of a university will have to write the acknowledgement for his/her project or research paper stating that the submission is done by himself/herself and is not copied. The acknowledgement sample for the university project will be attached after the dedication page thanking all the faculty members of the department, HOD, the Dean and the mentor.



I would like to express my profound gratitude to Mr./Mrs.____ (name of the HOD), of ____ (designation and department name) department, and Mr./Mrs. _____ (Dean) of _____ university for their contributions to the completion of my project titled _____.

I would like to express my special thanks to our mentor Mr./Mrs. ______ for his/her time and efforts he/she provided throughout the year. Your useful advice and suggestions were really helpful to me during the project’s completion. In this aspect, I am eternally grateful to you.

I would like to acknowledge that this project was completed entirely by me and not by someone else.


Your name

Acknowledgement Sample for Assignment PDF

Some institutions ask for an acknowledgement letter for the assignments to be submitted. Check the acknowledgement sample for the Assignment PDF provided below.


I would like to acknowledge Mr./Ms. _____________, ____________(designation) for his/her vital cooperation and help in ensuring the successful completion of my assignment. He/she deserves the utmost credit for the assignment’s outcome.

Finally, I would want to convey my sincere thanks to my friends and supporters; without them, the task would not have been accomplished in such a timely manner.


Your name

Frequently Asked Questions on Acknowledgement for College Project

What is an acknowledgement in a project/research paper?

The acknowledgment section of a project or research is written to show gratitude to the persons or institutions who significantly contributed during the project/research and helped you complete your project.

Who should be mentioned in an acknowledgement for a college project report?

While writing an acknowledgement for a college project report, a student can mention the names and designation of everyone who has contributed in his/her learning process. You can thank your teachers, principal, guides, peers, and parents.

How can we write an acknowledgement for a group project?

A group project can be submitted as one whole project or individually by every member. Every child should keep in mind that while writing the acknowledgement for college, either of himself/herself or on behalf of the entire group, should mention the names of all group members.

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