Difference between Although and Even Though | Although vs Even Though

Almost all students have faced a problem sometime while using the words ‘although’ and ‘even though’. Both the terms are used to show contrast but students have trouble identifying when and where to use these terms. This article will discuss all the points that one needs to know to use both these terms in sentences without making any mistakes. Once the students go through this article, it will be apparent to them whether or not there is any difference between these two terms or not.

Not just these words but the English Language has plenty of such words which confuse students of all ages. And the only way to ensure that while using these words, they’re used in the correct way is by understanding their meaning and the contexts in which they are used. Once students understand this, it becomes easier to deal with such confusing words. Let’s see the points that will be discussed regarding the difference between ‘although’ and ‘even though’.

Table Summarising the Difference between Although and Even Though

Although Even Though
Meaning The word ‘although’ means in spite of something. The word ‘even though’ means despite the fact.
Usage It is used as a Conjunction. It is used as a Conjunction.
Example Although blind, Helen Keller wrote many books. Even though it was snowing outside, Raj decided to go out.

This table shows that ‘although’ and ‘even though’ can be treated as synonymous and can be used interchangeably. Students who previously got confused while using these words can now use them correctly in the sentence. Once students are familiar with this idea, it becomes easy for them to use these words in sentences.

The Difference between Although and Even Though – Meanings

If you look at the meaning of these two words, you will see that ‘even though’ and ‘although’ mean the same thing: in spite of something or basically a reference to contrasting situations. Both of these words are used as conjunctions. For example, ‘Although Ross was sick, he went to school.’ Here, ‘although’ shows contrasting situations, i.e., despite being sick, Ross went to school. Another example is, ‘Even though young Sheldon was quite intelligent than other students…” Here, ‘even though’ is used to show that despite being young, Sheldon possesses higher intelligence than the other students. The only difference between the words is ‘even though’ has a strong tone to it than ‘although’. Apart from this, there’s no difference between these two words, and one can use them interchangeably.

Examples of Although and Even Though

The following examples will help students understand the terms ‘even though’ and ‘although’.

Even Though – Even though Mark’s father is wealthy, Mark is very down-to-earth.

Although – The Sun is shining brightly although it’s raining.

Once students understand the difference between the words ‘even though’ and ‘although’, they can easily apply them in proper contexts.

Although and Even Though – Conclusion

In conclusion, the words ‘even though’ and ‘although’ are synonymous and can be used interchangeably. This article points out the difference between ‘even though’ and ‘although’. BYJU’S offers various articles on many such ‘Differences Between Two Words’ that students often get confused with.


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