Future Tenses Exercises

Tenses is one of an important and basic English grammar topics. Learning how to use the tenses right is an essential step in mastering the English language. In this article, you will be focusing on future tenses.

Future Tenses Exercises with Answers

Finish the exercises given in the article to check your understanding of future tenses and its usage.

Exercise 1 – Identify the type of future tense

Read the following sentences given below and identify the type of future tense.

  1. I will go to my sister’s house tomorrow.
  2. Amy will deliver a lecture on neutrons.
  3. Rumi shall have completed his task by then.
  4. Miss Smith will have been teaching for twelve years coming May.
  5. The flight will arrive at 3:30 A.M.
  6. When I reach home, my dog will be waiting for me on the porch.
  7. They will have left for Kashmir by next day.
  8. Mom will have cooked my favourite pasta.
  9. Shelly will have been practising how to speak Spanish for an hour when you arrive.
  10. At 8 o’clock I will have been working for 12 hours.
  11. The guests will arrive shortly.
  12. The bride will be waiting for the groom.
  13. By the next spring, the workers will have completed the bridge.
  14. Sam will have taken a holiday by next week.
  15. The sun will rise tomorrow at 8 o’clock.

Answers for Exercise 1

  1. Simple Future Tense
  2. Simple Future Tense
  3. Future Perfect Tense
  4. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  5. Simple Future Tense
  6. Future Continuous Tense
  7. Future Perfect Tense
  8. Future Perfect Tense
  9. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  10. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  11. Simple Future Tense
  12. Future Continuous Tense
  13. Future Perfect Tense
  14. Future Perfect Tense
  15. Simple Future Tense

Exercise 2 – Fill in the blanks

Use the correct form of future tense from the given options.

  1. The teacher ___ shortly. (will arrive/ arrives)
  2. The program ___ for some time now. (will continue/continues)
  3. The cat __ meowing a lot after the vaccine. (will be/ will have been)
  4. The book is quite lengthy. I ___ it for sometime. (will be reading/will have been reading)
  5. We ___ our bedroom next month. (will paint/paints)
  6. My brother ____ for me. (will be waiting/ waited)
  7. I ___ home next week. (will be returning/returned)
  8. Fred ___ us soon. (will visit/visits)
  9. It ___ Christmas next week. (will be/is)
  10. Tom ____ completed the chore by then. (will have/will been have)

Answers for Exercise 2

  1. Will arrive
  2. Will continue
  3. Will be
  4. Will be reading
  5. Will paint
  6. Will be waiting
  7. Will be returning
  8. Will visit
  9. Will be
  10. Will have

Frequently Asked Questions on Future Tenses Exercises


What is the future tense?

Future tense refers to actions that will happen/take place in the future.


What are the different subcategories of future tense?

There are four subcategories of the future tense, i.e., simple future tense, future continuous tense, future perfect tense, and future perfect continuous tense.


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