Past Tense Exercises

Tenses are one of the most important chapters of English Grammar, and it’s important that students have a basic knowledge of tenses from a young age. Tenses help the students to have an understanding of time. With the help of right tense usage, one can easily denote a particular time of action. Past tense is an important type of tense.

To ensure that students get the right kind of exercises in the past tense, BYJU’S brings past tense exercises that are suitable for all boards and all classes. By solving these exercises, students can have a clearer understanding of the past tense. While forming these exercises, the BYJU’S team has ensured that students of various understanding capabilities can solve them.

Past Tense Exercises with Answers

BYJU’S brings for you different types of past tense exercises with answers that’ll help students to solve any tense question related to past tense. The following exercises are not only easy to solve but can also strengthen one’s concept of past tense. Let’s go through the following exercises.

Identify The Type of Present Tense

Read the following sentences given below and identify the type of the past tense.

  1. The aeroplane took off at 7:30 P.M.
  2. Annie drank espresso in the morning.
  3. Irin was reading Tintin.
  4. The children were playing hide and seek.
  5. Sunny had done his task before the teacher came.
  6. I had seen Raj five years before.
  7. I was getting worried about your health.
  8. The child had been crying for hours.
  9. They had written the letter before the postman came.
  10. She left school last year.

Answers –

  1. Simple Past Tense
  2. Simple Past Tense
  3. Past Continuous Tense
  4. Past Continuous Tense
  5. Past Perfect Tense
  6. Past Perfect Tense
  7. Past Continuous Tense
  8. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  9. Past Perfect Tense
  10. Simple Past Tense

Do as Directed

Read the sentences and fill up the blanks with the correct form of past tense.

  1. We ____ watching FIFA all night. (was/were)
  2. I ___ out with my friends. (went/go)
  3. Tim ____ walking towards the field. (was/were)
  4. The flight ___ a few minutes back. (left/leave)
  5. The teacher ___ us about dinosaurs. (teach/taught)
  6. We ____ to Las Vegas last week. (drove/drive)
  7. The actress ___ next to the actor. (stand/stood)
  8. The thief ____ into the house last night. (break/broke)
  9. I ___a trophy for the competition on the last day. (receive/received)
  10. The boy ___ playing chess last night. (was/were)
  11. I ___ seen Rahim before he came. (has/had)
  12. I ___watched the movie last night. (had/has)
  13. The opponent ___well. (play/played)
  14. Adrift __ all the biscuits. (ate/eaten)
  15. Ashok ___mending the roof when he fell off. (was/were)

Answers –

  1. Were
  2. Went
  3. Was
  4. Left
  5. Taught
  6. Drove
  7. Stood
  8. Broke
  9. Received
  10. Was
  11. Had
  12. Had
  13. Played
  14. Ate
  15. Was

These exercises will solve your worry about How to Learn English. You can easily solve these exercises and check your answers from the given solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Past Tense Exercises

What is the past tense?

In the past tense, the action/event is done in the past/previous time. For example, “The little baby drank the milk.” Here, ‘drank’ is the past form of the word ‘drink’.

What are the different subcategories of past tense?

There are four subcategories of the past tense, i.e., simple past tense, past continuous tense, past perfect tense, and past perfect continuous tense.

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