Slogans on Wildlife Conservation

Do you know how many animals are killed just for their skin or fur in a year? Thousands! You might have seen that many animals have already become extinct or endangered. One might wonder why it’s important to conserve wildlife. Well, you must have heard about the term ‘ecosystem’. The ‘ecosystem’ comprises all the plants, animals and other living beings who interact and work together. All the living organisms in the ecosystem balance each other. So if you end up destroying one, the ecosystem will get imbalanced in no time. This article will talk about the importance of wildlife conservation and provide the students with slogans for the same. Let’s go through the following points and learn more about wildlife conservation.

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Wildlife Conservation and Its Importance

You might have seen so many rallies that promote the idea of wildlife conservation. Have you ever thought about why it’s important to conserve wildlife? You might think how wild animals are still in danger when hunting has been banned. Well, wildlife will always remain in danger if the environment where they are in isn’t protected.

You might have noticed that the lands which were previously covered with acres of forest have now turned into sites for big plantations or industries. For the needs of humans, over the years, a large number of trees have been chopped down. What we don’t know is that, in this forest, a large number of animals live, and they depend on the lush green forest around them. So we are not just cutting down trees, but destroying their homes.

Go through the following section for some interesting slogans about wildlife conservation that you can use to spread awareness. Students can also use these slogans as a reference to write slogans on their own.

Slogans on Wildlife Conservation for You

  • Be the voice for the voiceless.
  • Say ‘No’ to Animal Abuse.
  • Don’t buy pets. Adopt one.
  • The one you hunt will be haunting you one day.
  • Take a shot with your camera, not with a gun.
  • If you can’t build a nest, don’t destroy one.
  • Baby animals need their mothers too. So don’t make them orphans.
  • Once you save an animal, it will always remember you.
  • Be brave and save the wildlife.
  • Instead of pretending to be a lion at home, try saving one in real life.
  • Animals might not speak, but they always remember.
  • May the forest be with you.
  • Respect an animal, and it will respect you forever.
  • Say no to cruelty to animals.
  • Try to be a paw-rfect human being.
  • God gave life to all animals, and you’ve no right to take it.
  • Live and let them live too.
  • Treat animals the way you want to be treated.

4 Best Slogans on Wildlife Conservation

  • Criminals should be kept behind bars, not animals.
  • Save the Pride of India, Save Lions and Tigers.
  • Strong fences and rules keep the poachers away.
  • Drive a car for sport, don’t kill animals for sport.

Wildlife Conservation Slogans in English

  • Be the change instead of changing forest areas to construction sites.
  • Join hands and save the wildlife.
  • Earth without wildlife is life without beautiful things.
  • Treasure the most priceless treasure: Wildlife
  • Help the animals to thrive before they become extinct.
  • Never support animal abuse or abusers.
  • Don’t hurt animals; they have feelings too.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wildlife Conservation Slogans


Why is it important to conserve wildlife?

Wildlife is an important part of our ecosystem. If we don’t conserve wildlife, the entire ecosystem will collapse. For a balanced ecosystem, the conservation of wildlife is a must.


How to conserve wildlife?

A few ways to conserve wildlife are: not cutting down trees, not abusing animals, not killing animals for sport or their fur/skin/tusks, and treating them with respect.


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