Conversation between Teacher and Student in English

If you are a student, you would definitely know the kind of conversations that happen between teachers and students. The common topics that are discussed include homework, tests, assessments, projects, examinations, enquiries, doubt clarifications and discussions about random topics. You will find a few examples of such conversations between a teacher and a student in this article. Check them out and try analysing the kind of words, and the language as a whole, used in such situations.

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Sample Conversation 1 – Conversation between Teacher and Student about Future Plans

Teacher – Good morning, Nancy. How are you?

Nancy – Good morning, Ma’am. I am fine. How are you?

Teacher – I am doing fine. What are your plans after the Class 12 Boards examination?

Nancy – Well, Ma’am, I am planning to pursue English Literature.

Teacher – I thought so! I know how much you love English. So, did you decide from which college you want to pursue English Honours?

Nancy – Yes, Ma’am, I have made a list of a few colleges; they are quite good. But ultimately, it will depend on how much I manage to score in my Board exams.

Teacher – I am sure you will fare well in the exams, and I’m also pretty sure that you’ll score the highest mark!

Nancy – I hope so, Ma’am.

Teacher – I wish you all the best for your Board results and future too.

Nancy – Thank you for your encouragement.

Sample Conversation 2 – Conversation between Teacher and Student about Homework

Teacher – Good Morning, students. I hope everyone has completed the History homework I had given yesterday?

Raj – Good Morning, Ma’am. I could not complete my homework.

Teacher – Raj, what happened? Why haven’t you completed your homework?

Raj – I am sorry, Ma’am; I had a severe headache yesterday.

Teacher – Well, I will excuse you for today. Try to take your friend’s help and complete it by the end of day, latest by tomorrow morning.

Raj – Okay Ma’am, I’ll try to complete the homework by recess.

Teacher – Make sure you do not repeat this, Raj. All these will count for your internal marks.

Raj – I am sorry, Ma’am. I will not repeat this again. Thank you so much for understanding.

Sample Conversation 3 – Conversation between Teacher and Student about Taking Leave

Anjali – Good Afternoon, Sir. May I come in?

Teacher – Good Afternoon, Anjali. What brings you here at this time?

Anjali – Sir, I wanted to find out if I could take leave for a few days in the next week.

Teacher – How many days of leave do you want and why?

Anjali – I need leave from Wednesday to Friday as my elder sister is getting married.

Teacher – Oh, is it? I wish her all the best on her new journey, but don’t you have your half-yearly examination starting next week?

Anjali – Yes, Sir, but we don’t have exams on the days I need leave.

Teacher – Okay. Do you think you will get enough time to study amidst the wedding?

Anjali – I have completed all my revisions beforehand so that I won’t have to miss my sister’s wedding functions, and I’m fully prepared for the remaining exams.

Teacher – Good, that is impressive. Please write a letter mentioning the reason and the dates on which you require leave. I’ll forward it to the Principal. Once she signs it, you can go ahead and take leave.

Anjali – Okay Sir. I will write the letter and bring it to you tomorrow. Thank you for your time.

Teacher – You are welcome.

Sample Conversation 4 – Conversation between a Teacher and a Student Meeting after a Long Time

Dhruv – Good evening, Ma’am.

Teacher – Good evening. I know you. Aren’t you Dhruv Sehgal of batch 2012?

Dhruv – Yes! Ma’am, I am so happy that you recognise me! How are you?

Teacher – I am good. What about you? Where are you these days? What are you doing?

Dhruv – I am doing good, Ma’am. Just came home a few days back for a family function. I’m working in Canada for a foreign bank.

Teacher – Oh, wow! That’s so good to hear. I knew you would land up in some banking jobs as you were so good with numbers.

Dhruv – It is all your constant guidance back in school that motivated me to take up the job. Thank you for all your love and support.

Teacher – Isn’t that what a teacher does? If you are staying for this weekend, you can come and join us for the Annual Function of our school.

Dhruv – Sure, Ma’am, I would love to attend. I will surely try to make time to come.

Teacher – Great talking to you. See you.

Dhruv – See you soon, Ma’am.

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What are the points to be remembered when writing a conversation?

When you start writing a conversation, see to it that you know fully well about what is being discussed. Understand the characters and the relationship between them. Make the conversation casual or formal based on the scenario. Use language wisely to convey what is discussed in the conversation along with the emotion with which it is communicated.