Noun Exercises

Nouns are one of the most basic English Grammar topics. If you want to introduce your child to grammar, the first topic that you should start with is Nouns. Understanding nouns helps the children to identify various naming words. So it is important that students get sufficient articles to practise.

BYJU’S brings to you various noun exercises that you can give students to practise. The noun exercises are essential as they develop the basic grammar knowledge of the students. The following noun exercises ensure that students have an overall understanding of nouns.

Noun Exercises with Answers

No doubt there are plenty of noun exercises which one can find to practise. But if you are looking for exercises that come with solutions, then you might have a tough time finding them. Now with BYJU’S, you will find the solution to this problem. BYJU’S especially brings for you noun exercises with answers. Through these exercises, students can check their answers, and correct the ones they have done wrong.

Identify the Type of Noun

Read the following sentences and identify the type of noun used.

  1. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal.
  2. The Royal Bengal Tiger is found in the Sunderbans.
  3. The jury gave a unanimous verdict.
  4. Laughter is good for health.
  5. The crowd is very big.
  6. The elephant is an intelligent animal.
  7. The Ganges is a sacred river.
  8. The bravery of the soldier saved the day.
  9. I bought furniture for my new house.
  10. King Solomon was very wise.
  11. The man was riding a white horse.
  12. The shepherd took the flock of sheep to the field.
  13. That table is newly polished.
  14. I believed her innocence.
  15. Slavery was an ill practice.
  16. The police caught the thief.
  17. I brought zucchini from the market.
  18. Shah Rukh Khan is a famous actor.
  19. Percy B Shelley was a Romantic poet.
  20. This dress is made of silk.

Answers –

  1. Kolkata, West Bengal – Proper Noun
  2. Royal Bengal Tiger, Sunderbans – Proper Noun
  3. Jury – Collective Noun, Verdict – Abstract Noun.
  4. Laughter, health – Abstract Noun
  5. Crowd – Collective Noun
  6. Elephant, Animal – Common noun
  7. Ganges – Proper Noun, river – Common Noun
  8. Bravery – Abstract Noun, Soldier, Day – Common Noun
  9. Furniture, house – Common Noun
  10. King Solomon – Proper Noun
  11. Man, horse – Common Noun
  12. Shepherd, field – Common Noun; flock – Collective Noun
  13. Table – Common Noun
  14. Innocence – Abstract Noun.
  15. Slavery, Practice – Abstract Noun
  16. Police, thief – Common Noun
  17. Zucchini, market – Common Noun
  18. Shah Rukh Khan – Proper Noun, Actor – Common Noun
  19. Percy B Shelley – Proper Noun, poet – Common Noun
  20. Dress – Common Noun, Silk – Material Noun

Various Noun Exercises

The noun is a very large grammar chapter as it encompasses a number of other topics such as kinds of nouns, gender, number etc. And a number of questions are formed from these following topics. So you need to have an idea about all the topics related to nouns.

Change the Gender

  1. The lioness was ready to pounce.
  2. The actor acted quite well in the movie.
  3. My uncle lives in New York.
  4. My father works in a government office.
  5. The gentleman gave me this chocolate.
  6. The king ruled with sincerity.
  7. She was the duchess of Stanford.
  8. The waiter brought us our food.
  9. The prince succeeded his father.
  10. The cock started calling at the break of dawn.

Answers –

  1. The lion was ready to pounce.
  2. The actress acted quite well in the movie.
  3. My aunt lives in New York.
  4. My mother works in a government office.
  5. The lady gave me this chocolate.
  6. The queen ruled with sincerity.
  7. He was the duke of Stanford.
  8. The waitress brought us our food.
  9. The princess succeeded her mother.
  10. The hen started calling at the break of dawn.

The following exercises will solve your worries about How to Learn English. You can easily solve these exercises and check your answers from the given solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a noun?

The noun is the name of a person, thing, animal or place.

What are the five types of nouns?

The five types of nouns are Common Noun, Proper Noun, Collective Noun, Abstract Noun, and Material Noun.

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