Report Writing on Bank Robbery

You must have come across multiple reports on bank robberies taking place around the country. Have you paid attention to the kind of details that have been added in such a report? These are some basic questions that bother students a lot. Well, in this article, you will get to know about everything you need to know when writing a report on bank robbery.

While reporting about a bank robbery, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to report when and where the bank robbery took place. Knowing how the bank robbery took place can help decide the course of action after the robbery. The report on bank robbery should also include the amount of money/things looted from the bank and also the number of people who were injured during the event. You can also talk about whether the police were able to get hold of the robbers or not.

Let us now look at the following reports on bank robbery to get a clear idea about how to write one.

Report on Bank Robbery in Orissa

On the 3rd of March, a daring bank robbery took place in a nationalized bank in Bhubaneshwar. Bank authorities complained that ten lakh rupees and important valuable assets were stolen from the lockers. It was reported that four men arrived at the bank around 12:00 p.m. pretending to be customers and went to the Manager’s chambers to talk to him about some issues and, within a few minutes, held all the people in the bank hostage. The bank’s security guards were injured in an attempt to stop the robbers. The robbers had threatened the cashier, keeping her at gunpoint, to empty the cash box and hand them the entire cash. They also wanted the keys to the locker room from the Manager, and upon refusing, the robbers injured him and tore down the office to look for the locker room keys and, in the process, destroyed many valuable documents. The robbers succeeded in finding the locker keys and cleared the lockers within a few minutes, and ran out of the bank.

The police were informed, and when they arrived, the robbers had already left. The injured guards were taken to the nearest hospital and provided treatment. The police officials took statements from the witnesses and the bank’s manager. The CCTV footage of the bank and the nearby areas were collected for investigation. The police questioned the nearby shops to help them make sketches of the robbers. However, no arrests were made regarding the matter.

Report on Bank Robbery in West Bengal

On 2nd February 2021, a bank robbery took place in West Bengal’s Tajpur SBI branch. Three men armed with guns entered the bank and injured the security guards. More than 6 lakh rupees was plundered, and important documents were destroyed. According to local people, they had seen a Maruti 800 van parked outside the bank around 10:30 in the morning. The two robbers put the cashier at gunpoint and demanded money, according to the witnesses. When the cashier resisted, the robbers injured him badly, broke the cash box, and looted the money. The robbers then rummaged through the entire bank to get the keys to the lockers. After finding the keys, the robbers ransacked several lockers and took away many valuable assets.

Locals also reported hearing multiple gunshots being fired from the bank. When the police arrived, they found no one shot; instead, they found the security guards and the cashier injured. Both were taken to the nearest hospital and provided with the necessary treatment. The police collected statements from the customers who were present in the bank during the robbing incident. CCTV footage of the bank and the nearby areas were collected for investigation by the police. The police questioned the nearby shopkeepers to help them make a sketch of the robbers. However, no arrests have been made regarding the matter at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Define report writing.

A formal way of writing detailed accounts about an event is known as report writing.


How to write a report on a bank robbery?

Students can easily write a report on bank robbery once they give details about how, when and where the robbery took place and what actions the concerned authorities took after the incident.