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To improve your English vocabulary, you must learn various words, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and their usages in various sentences. From our childhood, we are taught to learn new words, their spelling, meaning, pronunciation, etc., but we hardly try to learn the antonyms and synonyms of the words. Along with the meanings, learning the antonyms and synonyms will help you develop better vocabulary and communication skills.

Examples of Light in Sentences

  • The box is very light.
  • I think I should walk in the dark rather than in the light.
  • I never knew she could handle such things so lightly.

Antonyms for Light

Looking for the antonyms of light? Read the full article to get the various words which are opposite to the term light. The term light can be used as a noun as well as an adjective. The term light can be used in various instances, and the meaning of the term can be different depending on its usage in different contexts. The term ‘light’ refers to something that makes things visible or something that has less weight. Depending on the context, the antonyms also are different. Therefore, each word can have various antonyms, which are mentioned below in the article. The antonyms of the term light can be heavy or dark, depending on the usage.

Light x Dark

Light x Heavy

List of Opposite Words

Dark Obscure Murky Shadowy Gloomy
Shady Deep Thick Black Solid
Strong Sooty Sable Dismal Heavy
Weighty Hefty Dense Bulky Massive

Frequently Asked Questions on Light


Which is the most common antonym of the term ‘light’?

The most common antonyms of ‘light’, in different contexts, are heavy and dark.


What are the antonyms of ‘light’?

The antonyms of light are dark, heavy, overloaded, poor, worse, etc., and the terms can be used differently in various contexts.