Heavy Opposite Word | Antonyms for Heavy

From our childhood, we have been taught to learn different English words to improve our vocabulary. When we grow up, we realise that the choice of words varies from one sentence to the other and depending on their usage, the meanings can also vary. To increase our vocabulary, we must learn various synonyms, antonyms and their meanings, and know how to use the words in sentences. We all learn various grammar lessons, but it is also essential to learn the antonyms and synonyms of those words. We have come up with a few antonyms for the term heavy.

Examples of Heavy in Sentences

  • The bucket is really heavy.
  • Why do you use such heavy words?
  • I got delayed because of heavy traffic.
  • Can you please help me with this heavy luggage?

Antonyms for Heavy

Not aware of the opposite terms for heavy? We have found all the relevant terms which are opposite to heavy. As you know, one term can have different meanings depending on its usage. Similarly, the term heavy can also be used in various instances. The term heavy is an adjective used to describe something which is of great weight. The term that is opposite to heavy can be light, and the terms which are synonymous with heavy are big or bulky. Antonyms for heavy have been mentioned below in the article for your reference.

heavy X light

List of Opposite Words

light lightweight weightless featherweight featherlike
airy buoyant feathery ethereal floaty
fluffy gossamer gossamery little small
thin slender bony

Frequently Asked Questions on Antonyms of Heavy


What are the various antonyms of heavy?

The various antonyms of heavy are light, airy, fluffy, etc. The terms can be used in various instances depending on the purpose of it.


What is the most common antonym for heavy?

The most commonly used antonym for heavy is light.