Reported Speech Exercises with Answers for Class 9

Reported speech is a grammatical component that is used to communicate what has been said by someone to another person. Knowing for sure how to use the direct and reported speech can be achieved only with continuous practice, just like it is with every other English grammar topic.

Are you a Class 9 student? Looking for a chance to assess your understanding of reported speech? If you are, here are some exercises that will help you practise and improve your knowledge of reported speech.

Read the following sentences and change them into reported speech

  1. Suman said, “I get up early every morning.”
  2. The maths teacher said, “three multiplied by three is nine.”
  3. The tourist said, “India is a very beautiful country.”
  4. Tina said, “It is hot outside.”
  5. The teacher said, “The Sepoy Mutiny took place in 1857.”
  6. Ira said, “I saw an elephant in the zoo.”
  7. Peter said, “I can do this work.”
  8. Uma said to her mother, “I have passed the exam”.
  9. Ajay said to Lucy, “I will go to Bangalore tomorrow.”
  10. Lewis said, “my mother is sleeping.”
  11. Tamal said to Naira, “When are you leaving?”
  12. “Where do you live?” the old man asked Timothy.
  13. The teacher asked Arjun, “Why are you talking?”
  14. Olena said to Andrew, “Bring me my rifle.”
  15. “Call the first convict,” said the jury.
  16. “Please call the ambulance,” said the woman.
  17. Betty said to me, “I will cook today’s dinner.”
  18. The teacher said to me, “You are very intelligent.”
  19. My mother said to me, “Please wait here till I come back.”
  20. The coach said to David, “Bravo! You have played well.”
  21. Ramen said, “Alas! My kitten passed away.”
  22. Bruce said, “I may go to the party.”
  23. Miss Davis said to the student, “Did you listen to me?”
  24. The lady said, “Let me come in.”
  25. Granny said to me, “May God bless you.”
  26. The policeman said to us, “Where are you going?”
  27. The boy shouted, “Let me go.”
  28. Shilpa said, “Alas! I am undone.”
  29. “I know his address,” said Rupert
  30. Punit said, “My mother is writing letters.”
  31. Rishav said to Roshni, “Have you ever been to the Taj Mahal?”
  32. Anu said to Shivina, “Please lend me a pencil.”
  33. Logan said, “When are you coming home?”
  34. Rory said to her colleagues, “We have successfully achieved our goal.”
  35. The teacher said to the students, “Make sure you hand over your papers before 12 p.m.”
  36. My mom said, “Everything is going to be fine.”
  37. Luke said, “I will cook for you tomorrow.”
  38. Manisha said, “I think I will have a shot at it next year.”
  39. Soumia said, “I am wearing a black dress for Achu’s reception.”
  40. The manager said, “All the rooms have been allocated according to your choices.”
  41. My grandmother said, “I have some work to do.”
  42. Lakshmi said, “I am a tailor.”
  43. Madhav said, “The cricket team did their best.”
  44. Dhoni said, “Can you help me with the luggage?”
  45. My parents said, “We loved the passion fruit dessert.”
  46. Danny said, “I am starting work from tomorrow.”
  47. The police officer said, “We are investigating the matter.”
  48. Emily said to Richard, “You are raising your voice.”
  49. Josh said, “I love shrimp.”
  50. Naomi said, “Was Farsana present yesterday?”


  1. Suman said that she got up early every morning.
  2. The maths teacher said that three multiplied by three is nine
  3. The tourist said that India was a very beautiful country.
  4. Tina said that it was hot outside.
  5. The teacher said that the Sepoy Mutiny took place in 1857.
  6. Ira said that she saw/had seen an elephant in the zoo.
  7. Peter said that he could do that work.
  8. Uma told her mother that she had passed the exam.
  9. Ajay informed Lucy that he would go to Bangalore the next day.
  10. Lewis said that his mother was sleeping
  11. Tamal asked Naira when she was leaving.
  12. The old man asked Timothy where he lived.
  13. The teacher asked Arjun why he was talking.
  14. Olena ordered Andrew to bring her rifle.
  15. The jury ordered to call the first convict.
  16. The woman requested to call an ambulance.
  17. Betty said to me that she would cook that day’s dinner.
  18. The teacher told me that I was intelligent.
  19. My mother requested me to wait there till she returned.
  20. The coach applauded David, saying that he had played well.
  21. Ramen exclaimed sadly that his kitten had passed away.
  22. Bruce said that he might go to the party.
  23. Miss Davis asked the student if he was listening to her.
  24. The lady asked to let her come in.
  25. Granny prayed that God might bless me.
  26. The policeman enquired where we were going.
  27. The boy shouted to them to let him go.
  28. Shilpa exclaimed sadly that she was undone.
  29. Rupert said that he knows/knew his address.
  30. Punit said that his mother was writing letters.
  31. Rishav asked Roshni if she had ever been to the Taj Mahal.
  32. Anu requested Shivina to lend her a pencil.
  33. Logan asked when I was coming home.
  34. Rory said to her colleagues that they have successfully achieved their goal.
  35. The teacher told the students to make sure that they handed over their papers before 12:00 p.m.
  36. My mom said that everything was going to be fine.
  37. Luke said that he would cook for me the next day.
  38. Manisha said that she thought she would have a shot at it the next year.
  39. Soumia said that she was wearing a black dress for Achu’s reception.
  40. The manager said that all the rooms have been allocated according to their choices.
  41. My grandmother said that she had some work to do.
  42. Lakshmi said that she was a tailor.
  43. Madhav said that the cricket team did/had done their best.
  44. Dhoni asked if I could help him with the luggage.
  45. My parents said that they loved the passion fruit dessert.
  46. Danny said that he was starting work from the next day.
  47. The police officer said that they were investigating the matter.
  48. Emily said to Richard that he was raising his voice.
  49. Josh said that he loved shrimp.
  50. Naomi asked if Farsana was present the previous day.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is direct narration?

When the actual words/sentences spoken by the speaker are quoted in a speech, it’s called direct speech/narration.


What is indirect speech?

When the quoted speech is reported in the form of a narrative without changing the meaning of the actual quotation/words by the speaker, it’s called indirect speech. Indirect speech is also known as reported speech.


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