Reading Comprehensions Rules for GMAT exam

Let’s discuss a Mathematical approach to answer reading comprehensions in GMAT! You won’t get much time during the examination to read all the paragraph and answer the questions. Hardly few seconds will be available for you to answer the questions. So how do we do it? Here we go with easy reading comprehensions rules for GMAT Exam.

Usual approach to solve a problem in mathematics as follows:
1. Understand the question
2. Apply formula and get the answer
3. Pick the right answer
We are going to use this approach in Reading comprehension.

The challenge in Reading comprehension are
1. Understanding the passage
2. Formulate the answer that is tricky
3. Tricky answer choices

Understanding the passage itself will take much of your time here. Many of the passages would be like written in Greek rather than in American English. Most of the time, if you sit and try to understand the passage 50% of your exam time, will have to be utilized. Hence we come up with this simple mathematical formula to solve the questions that come under Reading comprehension. In this way, 20% of the passage will help you to answer 80% of the questions!

As above mentioned in the mathematical formula what we are going to use in the Reading comprehension is the following process:
1. Categorize
2. Formulate the answer (algorithm or working methodology)
3. Eliminate the traps (Rules of Do’s and Don’ts)

Watch this introductory video and the next video for learning this never heard of approach in solving Reading comprehension passages.

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