Difference Between Measles and Rubella

Difference Between Measles and Rubella

Measles and Rubella are two different viral diseases. Generally, Rubella causes milder infections than measles. But it is of concern when a pregnant woman is infected by the virus because it results in severe birth defects. It is important to note that Rubella is not the same as measles. Though both diseases share the same characteristics including the red rash, they are distinct. Given below in a tabular column is the difference between Measles and Rubella.

Measles vs Rubella

Measles Rubella
It is highly contagious It is not as contagious as measles
Symptoms can last up to 10 days Symptoms can last up to 5 days
Presence of the prodromal stage Absence of the prodromal stage
Period of incubation is 1–2 weeks Period of incubation is 2–3 weeks
Lymph nodes are not always swollen Lymph nodes are always swollen
Typically a high fever of or above 40°C Typically low fever of or below 38.3°C
Rashes in measles are blotches with spots Rashes in Rubella are spots that fade fast

Both Measles and Rubella are caused by an RNA virus and are generally spread through respiratory droplets of sick people. Although both have similar symptoms, the rashes in both the diseases are slightly different. A person can be vaccinated against both the disease with an MMR vaccine.

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