Collective Noun for Lions: Improve Your Grammar Skills

You must be aware of the kinds of nouns, and one of them is collective nouns. These kinds of nouns describe a group of animals, birds, deer, etc. To increase the vocabulary of the kids, and to improve their communication skills, it is necessary to improve grammar skills. The best way to teach the kids is by giving examples of various animals and birds. More kids are attracted to the names of various wild animals, pet animals, etc. Therefore, we can relate their topics to animals and teach them accordingly.

Collective nouns are used for a lot of animals and they are different for different animals. Like a herd of sheep, etc. Now we would like to introduce you to the collective nouns that can be used for a group of lions. Learning collective nouns play a very crucial role in enhancing English vocabulary. Therefore, learning the types of collective nouns for lions can help you create different sentences and make you sound sophisticated.

Collective Noun for Lions

Pride of the Lions

The first and common word for the group of lions is “pride”. Pride of lions can be used as an idiom. The word pride has different meanings, such as honour but it can be used to mean a group of lions. Lions are usually found with their families and are always together. Therefore, to describe the lions who are together, we can use the term pride and refer to them as the pride of lions. The word pride can be used as

Pride + preposition + lions

Pride + of + lions


  1. The pride of lions were sitting calmly in the middle of the road.
  2. There is a lion pride roaming in the middle of the forest.

Coalition of Lions

When we refer to a group of lions but only of the same gender, we can use the term ‘coalition’. When we see a group of male lions or a group of lionesses, then we can refer to them as a coalition of lions. To use them in sentences, you can refer to the examples provided below.


  1. The coalition of lions has gone to the riverside for hunting.
  2. The coalition of lionesses can be seen during the safari journey.

Sowse of Lions

Another type of collective noun to describe the group of lions can be ‘sowse’, which is used for the group of lions who coexist. The term can be used in various ways. Some examples have been provided below for your reference.


  1. Our team has done extensive research on the sowse of lions to understand their habitation.
  2. The sowse of lions looks adorable, and I would like to capture this moment.

These are the few collective nouns used for a group of lions. We hope that the information would be really helpful for the kids to increase their vocabulary.

Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns for Lions

What can be the collective nouns for lions?

The collective nouns used for a group of lions can be pride, coalition, and sowse. These are a few commonly used collective nouns for lions.

Which is the collective noun for male lions?

To describe a group of male lions, it is best to use the term ‘coalition’.

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