Collective Noun for Lions

You must be aware of the kinds of nouns, and one of them is collective nouns. These kinds of nouns describe a group of animals, birds, things and people. In this article, you will learn the collective nouns for lions. Check out the examples as well to understand how they are used.

Collective Noun for Lions

Pride of Lions

The common word used to denote a group of lions is “pride”. The word ‘pride’ has different meanings. As an abstract noun, it refers to the feeling of satisfaction one gets from one’s own achievements. As a collective noun, it refers to a group of lions. Lions are usually found with their families and are always together. Therefore, to describe the lions who are together, we can use the term ‘pride’ and refer to them as a pride of lions. It can include two to forty lions. The word pride can be used as,

Pride + preposition + lions

Pride + of + lions


  1. The pride of lions were resting calmly.
  2. There is a pride of lions roaming in the middle of the forest.

Coalition of Lions

When a group of male lions get together, they are referred to as a coalition of lions. A coalition can have around two to six or seven male lions, often from the same pride. Lions in a coalition protect each other from being attacked by other lions and also try to gain supremacy over other prides. You must have come across the infamous Mapogo lion coalition (a group of 6 lions), which took over the Sobi Sands region of the Kruger National Park in South Africa by killing almost a hundred lions.

The usage of the collective noun ‘coalition’ is as follows.

Coalition + preposition + lions

Coalition of lions


  1. The coalition of lions had killed more than fifty lions.
  2. We saw a coalition of lions attacking another lion when we went on our safari.

Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns for Lions


What can be the collective nouns for lions?

The collective nouns used for a group of lions are pride and coalition.


Which is the collective noun for male lions?

To describe a group of male lions, it is best to use the term ‘coalition’.


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