Collective Noun for Pearls: Improve Your Vocabulary Skills

Nouns and verbs are crucial parts of speech. There are various nouns, and the most interesting kind of noun is the collective noun. We all know that a noun is the name of a person, thing, animal, or place, and similarly, a collective noun is a kind of noun used to refer to a group of people, things, animals, birds, etc. Learning various words is essential, and along with that, we must know where and how to use the right words. Therefore, we are here with the various collective nouns that can be used for pearls. There are various collective nouns used for pearls which are mentioned below in the article.

Collective Nouns for Pearls

Rope of Pearls

Pearl is one of the elegant and precious materials used in jewellery. Pearls are used in necklaces, bracelets, etc., and when a lot of pearls are grouped together, we can use various collective nouns. One of the various kinds of collective nouns is Rope. We can use the term rope when a group of pearls are arranged in a string.

Rope + preposition + pearls

Rope of pearls


  • It is difficult to choose from among the rope of pearls.
  • The rope of pearls looks so beautiful on the edges of the mirror.

String of Pearls

A string of pearls can refer to pearls which are arranged in a long string. The term rope, as well as string, can be used for a group of pearls when arranged in a string. The term string is used in various novels, stories, etc. It is essential for us to understand the meaning of the collective nouns and know the proper usage of the words.

String + preposition + pearls

String of pearls


  • I am giving her a string of pearls which can be used to decorate the house.
  • The string of pearls looks so elegant and shiny on the balcony.

Cluster of Pearls

The term cluster can also be used to describe a group of pearls. The term is usually used to refer to things which are in a group. So cluster can be used to refer to a group of pearls. Check the examples provided below for your reference.

Cluster + preposition + pearls

Cluster of pearls


  • The woman has got a cluster of pearls which are really fresh and pure.
  • The cluster of pearls looks rusty and faded.

Group of Pearls

Similar to the term cluster, we can also use the term group. Refer to the examples provided below.

Group + preposition + pearls

Group of pearls


  • The group of pearls are scattered on the floor.

Necklace of Pearls

Pearls are precious ornaments. We all love wearing pearl necklaces and earrings. So it is common to say a necklace of pearls. A lot of pearls are used to make a necklace. So it is the correct form to use when a group of pearls are bound together to form a necklace. To use the phrase in the right way, refer to the examples provided below.

Necklace + preposition + pearls

Necklace of pearls


  • The necklace of pearls looks magnificent inside the glass.
  • The most attractive piece of jewellery was the necklace of pearls.

We hope that the above-mentioned examples will be of great help to you. We hope that you have understood the right usage of the collective nouns for pearls.

Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns for Pearls

What are the various collective nouns used for pearls?

The collective nouns used for pearls are: group, cluster, necklace, rope, string, etc.

Which is the best collective noun used for a large chain of pearls?

The best collective noun can be ‘string’. We can call it a string of pearls. It is basically used for a large number of pearls when attached together on a string.