Collective Noun for Pearls: Improve Your Vocabulary Skills

Did you know that things also have collective nouns to identify them when they are found in large quantities? Well, they do. A bunch of keys, a chain of mountains, a fleet of ships, a shelf of books, a blade of grass, etc., are all examples of such collective nouns. In this article, let us learn the different collective nouns that can be used for pearls.

Collective Nouns for Pearls

Rope of Pearls

Pearl is one of the most elegant and precious materials used in jewellery. Pearls are used in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. We can use the term ‘rope’ when a number of pearls are arranged in a string.

Rope + preposition + pearls

Rope of pearls


  • It is difficult to choose from among the rope of pearls.
  • The rope of pearls looks so beautiful on the edges of the mirror.

String of Pearls

A string of pearls can refer to pearls which are arranged in a long string. Given below are examples to help you understand how the term is used. Check them out.

String + preposition + pearls

String of pearls


  • I gave her a string of pearls which she could use to decorate the house.
  • The string of pearls looks so elegant and shiny.

Cluster of Pearls

The term ‘cluster’ can also be used to describe a collection of pearls. The term is usually used to refer to things which are in a group. Check the examples provided below for your reference.

Cluster + preposition + pearls

Cluster of pearls


  • The woman has got a cluster of pearls which are pure.
  • The cluster of pearls looks rusty and faded.

Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns for Pearls


What are the various collective nouns used for pearls?

The collective nouns used for pearls are cluster, rope and string.


Which is the best collective noun used for a large chain of pearls?

The best collective noun you can use would be ‘string’.