Collective Noun for Crows

The most common collective nouns for crows are flock, horde and muster. Learn how to use these and also other collective nouns for crows in this article.

Collective Nouns for Crows

Flock of Crows

The most commonly used collective noun for animals can be “herd”, and similarly, the most commonly used collective noun for birds can be “flock”. The collective noun “flock” can be used for the number of crows which are seen flying. The word flock is not only used for crows but for various other types of birds as well.

Flock + preposition + crows


  • A flock of crows are seen around the pot.
  • A flock of crows were seen flying under the red sky.

Horde of Crows

When the word ‘horde’ is used by itself, it refers to a big group or herd. When you see a lot of crows but don’t see much of their activity, you can use the term horde.


  • A garden is a beautiful place, but the horde of crows adds more beauty to the site.
  • I have painted a horde of crows on the canvas.

Muster of Crows

The collective noun ‘muster’ can also be used for a group of crows.


  • A muster of crows was seen heading towards the dead dog.
  • A muster of crows looks absolutely stunning while sitting on the rooftop.

Other Collective Nouns for Crows

Other than these words, there are other popular collective nouns which can be used for a group of crows.

  • Brood
  • Caldron
  • Clan
  • Company

Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns for Crows


What are the different collective nouns for crows?

To represent a group of crows, the collective nouns that can be used are muster, flock, horde, brood, clan, etc.


Why is it essential to learn the various types of collective nouns?

It is essential to learn the different types of collective nouns because it helps in building a strong vocabulary.


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