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Do you have a ‘job’ or a ‘work’? How will you differentiate between these words? Do these words mean the same thing? Or do they mean something different? All these doubts will be cleared in the following article. Once the students understand how ‘job’ and ‘work’ are different from each other, they can use them in the right way.

There are many words present in the English Language that confuse people, and as a result, people misinterpret them. To ensure that they use these confusing words in the right context, they have to know the meaning of the words. This article will talk about how or whether the words ‘job’ and ‘work’ are different or not. Let’s see the points of difference between these two.

  • Table Summarising the Difference between Job and Work
  • The Difference between Job and Work – Meaning
  • Example of Job and Work
  • Job and Work – Conclusion

Table Summarising the Difference between Job and Work




It refers to an activity that people perform in order to earn money for a living.

It refers to any activity that is either done to earn money or done as physical or mental activity.


It is used as a Noun.

It is used as a Noun and a Verb.


Monica got a job offer from a big company.

The boy works hard to win the competition.

This table shows that the words ‘job’ and ‘work’ aren’t synonymous but can be used interchangeably if someone understands how to use them. Since students often get confused between these words, this table will help them understand the context they are using it in. Once they get the difference between these words, they can apply them correctly.

The Difference between Job and Work – Meaning

How would you differentiate between ‘job’ and ‘work’? Can all jobs be counted as work? Confusing, isn’t it! Well, when you use the word ‘job’, it refers to a specific activity that any person does to earn a living. The word ‘job’ is synonymous with ‘occupation’/’profession’. But when you use the word ‘work’, it refers to any activity, be it mental or physical. All types of ‘jobs’ can be considered as ‘work’, but not all ‘work’ can be considered as ‘job’. The word ‘work’ can be considered both as a noun and a verb, depending on the way it’s used. In comparison, ‘job’ is always used as a noun. For example, “The baby is playing with the toys.” Here, ‘playing’ is a type of work as the baby is doing an activity. Also, “My uncle works for the Indian Army.” Here, the word ‘work’ refers to a job that ‘uncle’ has. Once students understand this difference, it’ll be easy for them to use them in the correct context.

Example of Job and Work

The following example will help students understand the terms ‘job’ and ‘work’.

Job – Sam got a job as a professor at Harvard University. (noun)

Work – i) Mira works hard to get good grades in her final exam. (verb)

ii) My sister comes home from work in the evening. (noun)

Once students understand the difference between the words ‘job’ and ‘work’, they can easily apply them in the proper context.

Job and Work- Conclusion

The words ‘job’ and ‘work’, though, have different meanings but can be used interchangeably if it’s used in the right way. When one is using these words, one has to understand the context before applying them. The simple thing students can remember is that all ‘jobs’ are ‘work’, but all ‘work’ can never be ‘job’. BYJU’S website offers various articles on many such ‘differences between two words’ that people often get confused with and end up using incorrectly.

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