Border Area Development Programme [BADP]

The Border Area Development Programme – BADP was started during the Seventh Five Year Plan with the twin objectives of balanced development of sensitive border areas in the Western Region through adequate provision of infrastructural facilities and promotion of a sense of security amongst the local population.

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Border Area Development Programme – Overview

  • The BADP was launched in the year 1986-87 for balanced development of border areas of States bordering Pakistan, namely, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan and subsequently it was extended to all the land borders.

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  • In the year 1993-1994 the Border Area Development Programme (BADP) was introduced as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme. 
  • Initially, the BADP programme was implemented in the western border states with an emphasis on the development of infrastructure to facilitate deployment of the Border Security Force. 

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  • Later, the ambit of the programme was widened to include other socio-economic aspects such as education, health, agriculture and other allied sectors.
  • At the central level, Department of Border Area Management, Ministry of Home Affairs looks after the disbursement of funds and overall monitoring and implementation of the BADP scheme. 
  • Planning and implementation of BADP programme are done on a participatory and decentralized basis involving the Panchayati Raj Institutions, Autonomous Councils and Other Local Bodies & Councils.

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  • At the District Level, a committee headed by the District Magistrate is responsible for monitoring the implementation of works under the Border Area Development Programme.
  • Funds are provided to the states as a non-lapsable special central assistance for the execution of projects relating to infrastructure, livelihood, education, health, agriculture and allied sectors.
  • BADP covers 362 border blocks, which are located along the international border and come under 111 border districts in 17 States and two UTs.

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  • The States covered are  Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura,  Skkim, West Bengal, Bihar, UP, Uttaranchal,  Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.
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Objectives of BADP Scheme

  • The main objective Border Area Development Programme is the development of infrastructure and promotion of a sense of security among the border population. 
  • To meet the developmental needs of the people living in the remote and inaccessible areas situated near the international border with focus on people living within 50 kilometers of the International Border.
  • The BADP schemes include the construction of primary health centres, schools, supply of drinking water, community centres, connectivity, and drainage to enable sustainable living in border areas.
  • Skill development training to farmers for the use of modern and scientific techniques in agriculture, organic farming is also part of the BADP.
  • It now covers schemes or activities relating to Swachhta Abhiyan, skill development programmes, promotion of sports activities in border areas, promotion of rural tourism, border tourism, protection of heritage sites, and construction of helipads in remote and inaccessible hilly areas, which do not have road connectivity.

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Border Area Development Programme – Aim 

The aim of BADP scheme is to saturate the border areas with the entire essential infrastructure through convergence of all Central, BADP, State and Local schemes by following a participatory approach.

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Significance of Border Area Development Programme

  • BADP has contributed towards creating a conducive environment for undertaking normal economic activities in border areas and has the potential for bringing about an improvement in the quality of life of the people in border areas.
  • The programme played a crucial role in areas with cross-border infiltration and insurgency threats such as in Jammu and Kashmir and North-Eastern Regions.
  • The creation of infrastructure would help to integrate these areas with the hinterland and to create a positive perception of care by the country and encourage people to stay on in the border areas leading to safe and secure borders.
  • It has brought socio-economic development in the border areas and has brought confidence and belongingness among the border population.

BADP Key Facts – Recent Announcements 

  • The Border Area Development Programme (BADP) has been allocated INR 784 crores in the 2020-21 fiscal and the money is distributed to the border States and Union Territories (UTs) depending on various criteria such as the length of the international border and population.
  • Construction of roads, bridges, culverts, primary schools, health infrastructure, playfields, irrigation works, mini-stadiums, indoor courts for basketball, badminton and table tennis can be undertaken within 10 km of the border from the BADP funds.

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  • The  10% of the total allocated funds will be additionally allocated to the States and UTs adjoining Indo-China border for taking up works/projects in various districts.

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  • For the comprehensive and all-round development of border villages, the government has decided to develop 61 model villages under the Border Area Development Programme.
  • Each model village will provide all basic facilities like primary health centre, primary education, community centre, connectivity, drainage, drinking water, etc. to enable sustainable living in border areas.
  • BADP Online Management System for better planning, monitoring, and implementation of various projects under BADP is launched which will bring in transparency in the sanction process and improve quality of planning and implementation.

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