Central Bank of Different Countries For General Awareness

Important Central Banks of different countries are critical for candidates preparing for various competitive exams.

Which is the first Central Bank in the World? Sveriges Riksbank is the world’s first or oldest central bank. It is the central bank of Sweden founded in the year 1668.

Aspirants of exams like Bank, RRB, SSC, Insurance or other Government exams must be well versed with the names of Central Bank and their countries as the topic is covered under the General Awareness Section of most of these examinations.

What is a Central bank?

The Central Bank of the country is the apex bank that provides financial and banking services for its nation’s government and the commercial banks. It implements government monetary policies and issues currencies of the nation.  

This article will provide the list of Central Banks of different Countries along with the sample questions asked in the exams related to the topic. Candidates will be able to download the List of 200+ Central Banks and their Countries in PDF format.

Central Banks of Different Countries PDF:-Download PDF Here

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List of Central Banks And Their Countries

Let’s have a look at the central banks and their countries. The table below enlists 76 important central banks of different countries. Candidates can download the full list of 200+ central banks and their countries PDF, given at the bottom of the article.

Central Banks of Different Countries of the World
  • Afghanistan- Bank of Afghanistan
  • Argentina- Central Bank of Argentina
  • Australia- Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Austria- European Central bank
  • Azerbaijan- Central Bank of the Rep. of Azerbaijan
  • Bangladesh – Central Bank of Bangladesh
  • Bermuda- Bermuda Monetary Authority
  • Bhutan- Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
  • Bolivia- Central Bank of Bolivia
  • Brazil- Central Bank of Brazil
  • Cambodia-National Bank of Cambodia
  • Canada- Bank of Canada
  • Chad- Commercial Bank Chad
  • Chile- Central Bank of Chile
  • China- People’s Bank of China
  • Colombia- Central Bank of Colombia
  • Cuba- Central Bank of Cuba
  • Cyprus- European Central Bank
  • Denmark- National Bank of Denmark
  • Egypt- Central Bank of Egypt
  • Fiji- Reserve Bank of Fiji
  • Finland- European Central Bank
  • France- European Central Bank
  • Georgia- National Bank of Georgia
  • Germany- European CentralBank
  • Ghana- Bank of Ghana
  • Greece- European Central Bank
  • Guinea- Central Bank of the Rep. of Guinea
  • Hungary- Central Bank of Hungary
  • Iceland- Central Bank of Iceland
  • Indonesia- Bank Indonesia
  • Iran- Central bank of Islamic Rep. of Iran
  • Iraq- Central Bank of Iraq
  • Ireland- European Central Bank
  • Italy- European Central Bank
  • Japan- Bank of Japan
  • Jordan- Central Bank of Jordan
  • Kazakhstan- National Bank of Kazakhstan
  • Kenya- Central Bank of Kenya
  • Korea- REPUBLIC OFBank of Korea
  • Libya – Central Bank of Libya
  • Malaysia – Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Maldives- Maldives Monetary Authority
  • Mali- Central Bank of West African States
  • Mauritius- Central Bank of Mauritius
  • Mexico- Bank of Mexico
  • Mongolia- Bank of Mongolia
  • Morocco- Bank of Morocco
  • Myanmar- Central Bank of Myanmar
  • Netherlands- European Central Bank
  • New Zealand- Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • Pakistan- State Bank of Pakistan
  • Papua New Guinea- Bank of Papua New Guinea
  • Peru- Central Reserve Bank of Peru
  • Philippines- Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  • Qatar- Qatar Central Bank
  • Russia- Bank of Russia
  • Saudi Arabia- Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
  • Seychelles- Central Bank of Seychelles
  • Singapore- Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Slovenia- European Central Bank
  • South Africa- South African Reserve Bank
  • South Korea- Bank of Korea
  • Spain- European Central Bank
  • Sri Lanka- Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Sweden- The Riksbank
  • Switzerland- Swiss National Bank
  • Taiwan- Central Bank of the Rep. of China
  • Tajikistan- National Bank of Tajikistan
  • Thailand- Bank of Thailand
  • Turkey- Central Bank of Republic of Turkey
  • UAE Central Bank of United Arab Emirates
  • UK – Bank of England
  • USA – Federal Reserve
  • Uzbekistan- Central Bank of the Rep. of Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam- State Bank of Vietnam

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Central Bank of Different Countries – Sample Questions for General Awareness

Understanding the relevance of Central Banks of different countries for competitive exams is important for better preparation. Hence, candidates must be well versed with the types of questions asked in the examination based central banks and their countries. 

Hence, given below are sample question asked in the general awareness section of competitive exams related to central banks and countries.

Q.1. What is the name of the first institution recognized as the central bank of Sweden?

  1. Institut Nacional Andorrà de Finances
  2. National Bank of the Republic of Sweden
  3. Swedish Central Bank
  4. Sveriges Riksbank  

Answer (4) Sveriges Riksbank

Q.2 Which of the following countries has no Central Bank?

  1. Scotland
  2. Panama
  3. Armenia
  4. Bangladesh

Answer (2) Panama

Q.3 What is the name of the Central bank of Antigua & Barbuda?

  1. Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
  2. Central Bank of Aruba
  3. Central Bank of Barbados
  4. Bank of the Republic

Answer (1) Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Q.4. How many Federal Reserve Banks are there?

  1. 14
  2. 12
  3. 10
  4. 08

Answer (2) 12

Q.5. When was the first Central bank founded?

  1. 1568
  2. 1688
  3. 1751
  4. 1668

Answer (4) 1668

Apart from the above-given questions, candidates can check Previous Year Question Papers with solution PDF to understand the type of questions asked in the general awareness section of these examinations.

Central Banks of Different Countries PDF:-Download PDF Here

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