FYI Meaning and Usage

FYI is one of the most commonly used messaging abbreviations. The term is used in both formal and informal communication. The term FYI has been a part of our communication for a very long time. It is most commonly used during writing and is mostly used in professional contexts.

Meaning of FYI

The term FYI stands for ‘for your information’. It is one of the most commonly used abbreviations, which is not only used in informal communication but also in formal communication. It was coined decades before the dawn of the Internet, but it truly took off once everyone started using email. The term has been used by a lot of young people in their everyday conversations.

Usage of FYI

The term FYI can be used in both formal and informal conversations. In professional communication, it is used to highlight some important pieces of information, including in emails and official messages.

There are no hard and fast rules for using the term. It can be written in either capital or small letters. But, the term is written in all capital letters (FYI) in professional emails, letters, messages, etc. It is also written as FYI if you want to emphasise a specific point and to make the letter or email look more professional.

For a better understanding of the usage of the term FYI or fyi, refer to the examples provided below.


  • FYI: The students have already found out their research topics.
  • I know I am late, but FYI this was the fourth stop and not the second.
  • FYI, I would rather buy a pair of jeans but not a skirt.


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